Streams of thought and the three stages of Sorcery

The image below is a very simple representation of the stream of thought which flows eternally. The most current point of the stream is in constant motion perpetually moving forward. As the stream flows, pools are left behind.

Imagine that when you are in perplexion, consideration, contemplation, active deep thought, you are moving through the body of the stream of thought itself. However, once you come to a conclusion, forming a judgment, assertion, or belief, then your thought energy enters and rests in a pool.

The idea is to be as nearest to the current as possible.

There are three stages of sorcery: (disassociate any meaning you may have with the colors I used in the image and the image itself beyond what I describe please)

Blue Phase - This is when the mage learns to use items to awaken energies that connect them to spiritual worlds.

Purple Phase - This is when the mage learns to use items to shift into the spiritual world through the astral senses.

Red Phase - This is when items are no longer required for any magickal work and the mage realized there are no separations from the spiritual world but those limitations which exist in his own form.

I myself spent four years which apparently is not that much time but these days I am Red Phase. Granted I spent many years before that having encounters I was wholly ignorant of. It wasn’t until much later I gained a conscious handle on things which I was experiencing.

The stream of thought flows and is eternally flowing and has eternally flown even before life. Any being which thinks accesses and begins flowing within the stream itself, It’s not until we enter the conclusion pool that our energies settle. It is nice to rest in some conclusions or remember certain old one’s from your memory like from childhood but the idea is to attempt to access the most current part of the stream itself.

Keep in mind it is both impossible and absurd to think you could reach a point in front of the stream. For the current of thought is on the threshold of nothingness and creates energies and dimensions as it flows. The ideal is to back in the most current flowing point. To attempt to reach this attainment is called the ‘path of the Forerunner’.




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@In_Between_Worlds Don’t get caught up in lesser stagnant pools. Though they may be popular, flee from them like Lot from the city of evil. Seek to enter the body of the stream and to perhaps even reach the current. We are the creators of all things. Humanity are the highest and lowest gods. All forms we can imagine come from humanity.

I want people to be freed from base conclusions. Freed from all the polarized pop fluff. So that the most genuine perception of reality might reveal to us that which is most true.

Ok dude stop trying to save me. I’m good thanks

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F*** saving people. F*** you think I am a xtian!? If you don’t wuna share ideas fine.

Sounds like it to me. Freed, saved, set free. Sounds like a savior to me. :smirk: I can agree with your rhetoric somewhat. I’m just being a provocateur. But I’d rather not be included in the category of people who need freeing. You’re telling me how to seek freedom and it’s advice I haven’t asked for.


@BlackFlameEmissari I like the framework you lay out here, I appreciate you taking the time to explain it in detail


Cherry picker… We were having a conversation or so I thought and I tagged you in this instead of repeating it. I thought you might be interested in the actual main body of the presentation and my actual ideas. I didn’t realize my overall motivation for the work itself would be such a hangup for you.

I love sharing and discussing ideas related to the occult and philosophy. :slight_smile:

Love the concept. Thanks for sharing.

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If this had been the first time you told me this story I would have probably reacted differently. You came at me arrogantly the first time. If you really want to exchange ideas then why are you being so insulting towards any opposing views?

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Arrogance is perceived. Self expression always runs the risk of being judged by others but those who wish to truly interact both refrain from judgement and accept the risk of being judged. To me a person’s paradigm is more interesting than their behavior. I can look past behavior to meet the paradigm.

Behavior is the direct result of paradigms. Civilized debates are fun when everyone is respectful. I’ll keep talking on the first 3 threads we had on this subject :laughing:

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I chat with alot of different people daily on here. Im sorry if I seem like I havent shown you due respect. Sometimes I forget I’ve chatted with a person before and might share the same ideas more than once. I’ve kinda been on a champaign lately. Im trying to help inspire a new level of sorcery and for fellow sorcerers to break away from old forms.

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If they don’t want to break away from old forms then they’re free to stay in them though right? I personally like to draw from all forms of magick into what works for me, e.g. chaos. So if there’s something of value in what you’re preaching, then I can incorporate it into my current paradigm. That doesn’t mean I’m going to throw away my life’s work to reroute the last few years of my life because you tell me I should.

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Well I havent told anyone to do such a thing. I just have a vision of perpetual change and revolution. It’s my personal Luciferian ideal. And that ideal shines throughout all my work.

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You and I are a lot alike. I think that’s why we clashed more than once. My ego doesn’t like similar egos.

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Aw man I’ve experienced that same phenomena. I just view everything as an alchemical interaction. Our expressions are simply charged with different elements. I call influence between fields impedance. When powerful mages interact their fields can manifest a third field called the cocreative plane. Thats when self and nonself energies merge to create a small temporal social setting like an astral forum or temple. When powerful mages interact, the alchemical interactions can cause a variety of phenomena such as feeling chemical and energetic changes in the body as well as experiencing visuals or even paradigm shifts. All this is part of a natural alchemical flow.

I don’t even use ego as a variable or component of any body. I believe in A-ego. That’s the belief ego doesn’t exist. In the same manor an atheist believes God doesn’t exist, that’s how I treat the concept of ego.

Ego exists in my opinion because we create it. But in the sense that I don’t exist and neither do you or anything else in Maya… in that sense ego doesn’t exist.

I have yet to validate it’s existence on account of not having experienced it’s embodiment. Also I do not perceive it has any active function within my own being to as it bears no influence, makes no observations, and has no form it’s unreal and doesn’t exist. How do you perceive the ego? How would you define it?