Strangers Gods In Disguise

Ever give food to a homeless person and feel that he may have been a god in disguise, like Odin?


I have always felt that giving to the homeless was equal to a devotional offering to Odin for exactly that reason.


Yea I just had that same experience earlier. It felt right to me. Besides just being a decent thing to do.


:thinking: not odin but maybe Kvasir, I’ve ended up lead down some strange rabbit holes with late night drinks poolside pondering the multiverse.


A couple of times I’ve felt that way. Not Odin though. Don’t know who but 🤷

Angels and demons as well. I mean even the Bible mentions this concept

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It’s a good way for Entities to get sincere offerings if you look at it.

Giving a bunch of money to an institution and volunteering so you can get your picture taken and earn society’s “good guy” badge isn’t a sincere act of devotion and sacrifice. Too much ego involved.


It happened to me, can’t say he was God but there was something really different in him.

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A significant proportion of homeless people tend to have mental illnesses like schizophrenia, which can have a weird overlap with shamanic states of consciousness and associated phenomena like entity possession, making them a likely target population for gods in disguise. :thinking:

Also, the good ol’ Wanderer archetype meshes in nicely here.


Oh yeah. I thought I met Hekate at one point.

The Bible eludes to the idea that sometimes angels mask themselves as the needy.

I got diagnosed with schizophrenia because my family told a doctor I see “demons”… I never got the chance to explain anything to the doctor myself.

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Here’s my weird view on it i see every human being as a god, even if they aren’t within them is a god.

So by helping another human in need not only are you helping him but you are giving a offering to their inner god and that will come back to you.

This is feeding the living gods whether that person embraces or realizes their godhood.

Another way i see it is the gods are sometimes operating through people to test us many times i have individuals who are mundane and are not spiritual at all and they say the one thing that i asked many entities and this little verbal hint ties everything all together.

So yes in a sense.


Yeah, I just came across this quote from Hebrews 13:2 actually:

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.


I always have random people tell me god bless you and they all nod in the same manner
these are people I never see again but all act in the same manner when they say it.