Strange writing

Hi guys

I remember distinctly when I was in high school I was at a nearby park with my family. We were leaving and it was evening so the sun had just begun to set

At the time I was not practicing any spiritual path or religious at all

And when we were leaving I was walking on the basketball court and saw on the concrete a script that was similar to sigil and it was in a circular pattern , I looked away and then looked back and it was

And I asked my family members did they see it too and I searched the basketball court and couldn’t see it again

At the time I figured it most have been something written with a special paint to make it seem invisible (I was in ha and it was the 1990s so no internet research available to me)

It always stuck with me and now that I have used sigil sit reminded me of the design I saw/unsaw

What are your thoughts ? Has this happened to any of you??