Strange visit by St. George while invoking Satanael

As the title says, I invoked Satanael and was talking to him briefly when he told me that St. George has something to say to me, if I want to give him permission to do that.
I said yes and he told me that the path I’m on is wrong. That being the LHP since I used to be RHP until two weeks ago.

I’m just wondering what could it mean since after he told me that I was a bit disturbed and couldn’t continue the conversation anymore.

One thing to note though, it’s not the first time I’ve tried to make the switch from RHP to LHP, it just so happens that each and every time, almost like clockwork I would read something that would keep me from switching, by creating massive fear of the occult in me.


Ask huim WHY.

In magick, it’s always useful (as with life) to drill down into the reasons.

There’s also no reason you can’t work with both demons and Saints.


What exactly are you afraid of? The LHP isn’t all demons and death curses. Demons can heal and bring peace and clarity. Angels can destroy the lives of your enemies and act mercilessly.

Sounds like a good indication to examine your mindset and inner world. Your subconscious is giving you hints to follow.

The world is not as black-and-white as LHP vs RHP, one is evil and one is good.


I know what I’m afraid of, consciously at least, inviting the wrong kind of entity and it destroying my life or stealing my energy.

Other than that, honestly the invocations, rituals and stuff feel so right to me it’s uncanny.

I’m also aware that good and bad are just mind constructs that don’t apply to the spiritual world but hearing those words still managed to throw me off balance.

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Search the forum for the “seal of manifestation”, print or copy it and keep it around when you work. You can also search for Keteriya’s thread about Luna, which is an egregore/servitor designed to keep unwanted presences out.

If you do choose to go down the demon route, I’d recommend Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield, which includes Shem angels in its rituals.


It’s not rare for entities to tell people the concept of LHP or RHP is redundant. (Since technically it is in terms of overall energy work) one member commented a while back on a Deity telling him something similar.

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