Strange uncomfortable sensations I can create with my mind

I’m not sure how to explain this but I’ll try my best. Every time I imagine someone getting hurt in some way (e.g. getting stabbed) by either myself or someone else, I can feel it in my body. It’s like my body and the imagined victim are linked in some way. The same happens when I imagine myself getting hurt, only it’s more intense. I don’t feel pain though, just this weird hard-to-describe feeling. For example. I visualize myself throwing a weapon at an imaginary and fictional character, that weapon stabs the character in the heart, I immediately feel a sensation in my own. It’s like I feel everything that character is supposed to feel except pain.

The feeling is most intense in the front of my torso and barely noticeable in the limbs (I can visualize my hands getting cut off and barely feel anything, but when I imagine a knife stabbing me in the front, the feeling is so intense I can barely stay still). I can’t really find the right word to describe this feeling. It’s not painful but not comfortable either. Kind of feels like a miniature black hole is in the affected area and is slowly sucking in…nothing, it’s just the feeling of that.

I’ve had this my entire life and used to think this is just another OCD-like symptom (I do have OCD) or some mental illness. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m more aware of it now, because it seems to be getting worse. Now if I look at an image of a person or entity getting stabbed or have an open injury, the weird sensation appears again. I’m pretty sure this is new, I used to watch horror movies all the time without this issue. It only appeared when I visualized it. The more focus and intent I use, the more intense. So visualization brings the most intense sensation, images that were already made requires less focus and therefore feels less intense, and movie scenes barely require any focus at all so I barely feel anything.

I understand if I imagine myself getting hurt it might literally injure my energetic body, therefore giving me that sensation. But why does it happen when I imagine someone else getting hurt? Especially if it’s a fictional character. Another thing that might or might not be related is that I am extremely sensitive to “feel”. I felt Qi energy about 1 week after starting Qigong while my fellow students took months, I can easily feel pressure in any part of my body if I bring my awareness there often, and I constantly feel uncomfortable and physically unbalanced in some way (like my weight is unevenly balanced or my shirt is irritatating my skin, though this is likely just regular ocd).

I doubt anyone actually read the whole thing, but maybe someone here had experienced something similar? I don’t think this is just some simple mental illness because it actually helped me in some cases. And I have this feeling that it might be some kind of undeveloped ability.

Energy follows mind, you are good at this and strongly manifesting in the astral, and can feel it already manifesting in the physical.

I would suggest you don’t do that any more and be much more careful with your thoughts, you may not have as much leeway as others in this sandbox of being human to play with baneful ideas if they manifest that fast.

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