Strange things seen during evocation,what was it?

I draw the sigil of Clauneck on a piece of paper, I was seating inside the Universal circle that I bought it i went on the theta gamma state while Calling the Name of Clauneck for 5 minutes nothing happened at all, I though that I compleated failled when sudenly I see a smoke in front of me almost everwhere coming towards me, I did not use any incense,After that It dissapeared I tried to create the same effect againg but nothing what was it? This was my first evocation, I don’t Know if I failled or not. Thank you.

Sounds like you are having success. A lot better then my first evocations attempts. But remember physical manifestations are not your primary goal. Did you get your desired results from clauneck?

I’ve done Today the evocation but I made a mistake when I saw the smoke i did not ask anything I was surprise. Plus the the line of the Circle become really intense red as if a light was under the circle

You must have been in a deep rapture state. Be sure to maintain that intensity and focus when issuing a task in further workings.