Strange spiritual energy I'm finally seeing

Ever since I started visiting the void I’ve been this energy. At first it was only spark Its, lines, etc. Then it was blue static and rainbows. Now it’s a green peripheral energy. I was told that this is not a hallucination by many. It’s evolving. What is it?

Where do you see these colors ? Around people, objects, animals, plants, apparitions floating in the air, sound ?? ( Synesthesia is the ability to see sounds, that appear as various colors.

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People, not objects, in the air.

I don’t have synesthesia, it’s hereditary and none of my family has records of it. And it’s a disorder. And it’s all green.

Just green, no other colors ? You mentioned rainbow color

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It is an occasional strip, and for some reason they’re not appearing as often and green is replacing them.

You might want to read a book on people’s aura. It might help
Joseph’s coat of many colors in the christian bible. Some say it is the aura, showing the 7 colors of the rainbow

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I was told it was an aura, but very undeveloped sight.

All I can think to do is practice, and maybe do some energy meditations, like visualizing energy of whatever color you are comfortable with, and sending it through your 3rd eye,
Maybe vibrate a Rune that is used specifically for opening the 3rd eye and psychic sight.

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Practice really is the only thing for it. Seeing weird manifestations is actually really common for people just getting accustomed to interacting with the unseen.

The colours and patterns your physical eyes are perceiving are more than likely going to be meaningless- that is, I wouldn’t worry too much about what the correspondences are for them. This is just your brain trying to translate a sense that doesn’t have a physical analogue into something that your physical body can work with, absent the third eye. It’s a signal coming in for which you haven’t installed any antennae.

I would focus on developing your psychic senses before placing any significance on the colours and patterns your seeing, so you can check what appears physically against what your unseen body can tell you.

Hope this helps!

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