Strange snake appeared in my dream

I’ve had a strange dream, it started off pretty mundane I was working in my yard with someone who resembled my uncle (couldn’t see the face clearly). We were both working with some kind of equipment when his cord got tangled on my machine, so I had to stop working to let him sort it out. We were on a kind of hill-like area (my great grandma has a yard like this so i’m assuming it represents her house). I turn to go inside the house but then a huge, and I mean huge snake appears by a magnolia tree thats right near the doorway. It looked like a cross between a king cobra and a rattler. I called to my mother who was apparently in the house with a few others I couldn’t see (all I could hear was her voice and some other chatter), I tell her about the snake and she tells me to just go around. I tell her I can’t but eventually I get behind the snake and stab it’s tail pinning it the ground so it can’t go any further. Someone bags the snake and I remove the knife from its tail. Could anyone decipher this?

i once have a dream with snake with that appereance, but was golden skinned and it have centipod fangs, the snake was on a sort of terrarium.