Strange sigil

Does anyone recognise this sigil?
I was meditating on new techniques for evocations/ working towards evoking spirits in a physical form and this came to me.
It felt kind of off to me, but I decided to try using it to aid me in astral projection. It worked really well and now I’m starting to think it may just be designed to increase psychic abilities in general.
I’m about to try it in an evocation now, but I thought I’d get some opinions before I open it up fully.
I’m sat next to it now and I can feel the power radiating off it. Weird stuff.


I love the way it looks. On the other hand, I dont know what that is.


Having charged it up a couple of times, I think it amplifies power in general. My original vision showed it drawn on a mirror; seemed to be turning the mirror into a spiritual gateway.
I haven’t got any pens suitable for drawing on my mirror, but I’ll have to get some whiteboard markers and give it a try.


your teacher
you said that you meditated on new ways for physical evocations
well that looks like spirit so i think it wants to teach you


I feel as if I have seen this somewhere before, but I can’t put my finger on it… Hmmmmm… interesting. :face_with_monocle:

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There’s certainly a spiritual aspect to it, I’ll work on building a stronger connection with it

I know what you mean. Drawing it felt like I was drawing a sigil I’d always known, but had forgotten.

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It’s probably your sigil. Of course it would amplify your abilities. I’d take this down if I were you.

Had crossed my mind, though I took steps before making this thread to ensure that I and said sigil are safe from outside influence.

Still there’s more fucked up shit out there. A lot more. If you want we can test it out to see if it’s yours

Hehe I’m well aware. Thanks for the offer; I’ll hit you up if I need any assistance