Strange sigil? Help needed

This went through my head a few hours ago.
I made those photographs a year ago when I was on an trip with some old borderschool classmates a teacher and my parents. I was not really into Magick and thought this was somehow cool??? ^^ after 2 hours I got headache pretty dizzy and was slowing down. We were wandering between ruins. I felt pretty bad and when I came to the camp I felt strange somehow. Next day everything was fine again. But when I’m looking at the past year, I met a horrible girl which turned me upside down and downside up. I got depressions which turned into manic depressions and I quitted a job 1 month after attending. I didn’t had any luck or made really good decisions. I also quitted my newer job short before the peak of corona so getting a new one isn’t that easy.
Now I’m asking myself if this has to do with this sigil??? I made 4 Fotos but those 3 were the best…

Can someone read those? I don’t know if it’s some edgy stuff, just looking like a sigil or a real sigil. I’d appreciate your help very much. This could literally safe my life if it was the sigil.


That looks legit. It also looks like it has been done in blood and we’ll done. So they took their time and knew what they were doing. The vibe i get off it is defensive and angry. So it might be cursed 🤷 I’m not real good at scanning objects yet. So this is just my best guess.


Is it a scorpio in the seal?

Ugh I don’t know :sweat_smile:

This sounds bad, what is the best that I should do against it?

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If anything was removed from the house, take it back as soon as you can along with an offering of good liquor or flowers that call to you. And then do a good spirit cleansing and smudging of your home. And call on any protective forces you use and have them ward the 4 corners of your home.

If stuff gets really bad get some blessed holy water and possibly blessed salt and go around the parameter of your house. Along the window seals and door entrances and exits. Also visualize a bright white protective bubble surrounding you, your astral and ethric bodies and your home. Make it clear that whatever being that is bothering you is to stop and leave immediately. Speak with as much authority as you can when banishing.
I asked belial, astaroth, namaah, and my other guides to help me out when i had issues with parasites. I also had a working relationship with them before I did that so it helped.

You can also call on st Michael and st george to help remove and banish all malevolent and negative beings, thoughtforms, eggregors, parasites, spirits etc.


Pretty tough because it’s that far away. But I didn’t took smth., either ^^.

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If nothing was removed than banish and smudge. Do it daily for as long as it takes.