Strange side effect

The last three workings I created that had results had some odd physical reactions.
I Had to curse somebody who keeps getting in my way. The usuall feelings of relief and came over me but I felt a strange discomfort on my breastplate near where the top of my heart would be. like scratching on the bone… The only thing I did different was that I did it at my job well operating a machine…the timing was just right so I did what I had to do.
The other two things I did where for personal gain and or stability. on thes two things I seem to have developed a harsh dry cough… its right after I sleep that it happens and only after I cast… I am not cursed or if I am it was a week one. I did bindings against whoever I know that would even try…
anyways I would like to know if anyone else gets anything like this after creating there own spells from the heart. ysuallly I just get emotional reverb not physical feeling. I should add that my results were fast as hell, still waiting on the curse as that was last night. I will share my method with these three workings after they have fully completed, but I have to leave out names of people and intities for obvious reasons.

I’ve had similar things happen several times in the past during times of intense workings. I am not certain they are related to magic, it may just be coincidence.

For example, after several rituals a few years ago I started to get dull pains in the upper portion of my chest for over a week. I had x-rays and an EKG done just in case. Everything came back normal. The doctor said it could be costochondritis - an inflammation of the cartilage in the sternum.

It’s probably just coincidental though.