Strange sensations whilst soul travelling

New to magick, some may already know. Okay so whenever I actually try to soul travel, strange things start to happen, some of which I would like to share to gain some understanding.

The first time I tried to do it a few days ago, my feet started to vibrate intensely, and immediately I opened my eyes without even me trying to open them.

The more I try to do it, the more drained I feel of energy. It feels like my whole body is slowly being drained of energy.

Strange noises are heard which are not heard by me when I don’t try to soul travel or astral travel, which makes me to ultimately open my eyes, get up and check out what’s going on. It seems like the Universe is trying to tell me to not do it.

I experience a difficulty of breathing and start feeling hot and sweat like a madman, even if the AC is on.

Comments, anyone?


What is your motivation for doing it? If you don’t know why, but you do it to experience “something”, then something confusing will happen and probably nothing else. Ask yourself why. I have a feeling it is a bit of the same with taking LSD. I have never taken it, because I never found a reason for doing so.

Unless of course mindfucking is one of your favourite things.


No one ever mentioned of having a purpose anywhere on the internet… I just want to travel to the astral plane.

Everything that you mentioned is completely normal. You want to feel that vibration, but in your whole body. That’s what gets you to separate. You feel drained of energy because it takes energy to get out of your body. And yes it is normal to hear strange noises. Especially when you’re finally separating. You’ll hear this strange loud noise. What a demon taught me was that it’s the sound of the vibration of your astral body and the vibration of your physical body clashing. They no longer match and that is why you are able to separate in the first place. All these things that you mentioned, are signs of progress.


I get the same feeling. The time is what makes me inpatient. Like idk how long it will take me to get out of my body. I need to listen to a meditation video to see how long it takes me to be in vibrational stage but I haven’t gotten my astral body out yet.:neutral_face:

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Have you tried it sitting? Or do you usually do it lying back?

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I tried sitting but since everyone is loud and I have my grandparents all the time around I can’t be patient and/or relax. I usually lay down and it makes me feel tense like I need to always stretch a lot. I get to paralysis I try to move slowly because it’s painful my arms feels more of the pain than anywhere else. Then I just stop and do whatever i do at home. I pretty much give up. I’ve been practicing a bit but no success so far.

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I understand I was that way too. What I started doing to get rid of all the noise, which I don’t know what your schedule usually looks like, but I’d get home, take a nap and time it so that when I wake up, everyone is already asleep and I feel rested enough to attempt. Also, like the Peter Pan movie lol, meditating on some thing that gives you an immense amount of joy prior to your attempt helps a lot. If you have something that makes you feel all fuzzy inside (yes I said warm and fuzzy on a black magick forum), meditate on that.

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Has sitting made it easier for you? Like do you fall forward because that’ll distract me. I get fuzzy child like feelings while doing grounding and cleansing meditations.

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Sitting has made it a lot easier for me yes.

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Oh I’ll try that then. Just hope I’ll find a comfortable chair to sit on. I would imagine moving my astral arms and legs and I get tingling sensations. It’s gotten more tingly the more I practice. I could be close? For me seeing how long it’ll take for me to leave my body makes me inpatient. It’s annoying.

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@rin @Lotusarcane yeah, it seems like impossible since i can’t even fall asleep at night lol. But I’m confident I’ll do it

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What’s the method/technique you’re using to soul travel?

It’s called the rope method, in which I visualise myself pulling upward on a rope towards the roof, then looking back at myself by switching the perspective.

Weird method, that works better than others methods you tried?

Yeah it actually makes me more tired.