Strange Sensation After Ritual

I have a question to our community. The other day I was performing a ritual. I started off feeling very even keel. During the ritual I focused on one isolated very powerful emotion, my anger. After the working I felt tired physically, drained. And also after the working my hands were seriously shaking. As if a huge charge of energy coursed through me. Has anyone experienced a similar feeling? Hands and whole body shaking after the ritual? What do you make of it?


You were properly channeling your anger for something meaningful and as far as I can tell you transmuted some of that anger you have built up and turned it into something completely different most likely . An inner alchemy session if you will . And that is a draining process. Because you’re turning one thing into a whole other thing. Even the best of witches will feel drained after a working. You’re doing something you needed to do.


Feeling anger or fear can trigger adrenalin, too, which will cause the hands to shake or tremble, even if the rest of you is tired.

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