Strange poltergeist experience last night

Last night before laying down I decided I would do an exercise where I sit in the pitch black dark and skry into the air.
I’ve been working with Mepsitahl to help open my senses and from what I gather she wants me to spend as much time as I can meditating,skrying,and even evoking to help open my spiritual senses.

I fell asleep in the recliner chair I was doing the exercise in.
I had a dream where I was in my living room in that same chair but in the dream I was evoking Mepsitahl into the air I’m front of me.
In the dream I saw her face and knew who she was.

After seeing Mepsitahl in the dream for some reason I either started a new evocation or started calling her Hecate but either way a woman showed up with black hair and a white gown and I called her Hecate.

Now before the dream could go any further I was awoken by banging on the walls.
I opened my eyes and heard footsteps like somebody literally running through my attic above me.

I sat up and looked in front of me and right by my feet I saw the outline of a human shape.
It backed up once it saw me and became a more detailed image of what appeared to be a monk with a crooked neck.
It just stared at me all the while I was trying to figure out if I was seeing shit or still dreaming.

I sat up and made sure I was awake and to be honest alittle freaked out not knowing who this entity was.

The vision of the monk floated backwards and became disorientated and grew wings that were at least 3 feet long.
The spirit was no longer a monk looking thing but what looked like an angel but dressedin gray from what iI could tell.Once again it was kinda blurry looking.

I imediatly thought of Belial but wasn’t sure.
The spirit didn’t speak but then again I didn’t say anything to it.
I said fuck it and tried going back to sleep.

I kept waking up every 30 minutes or so to loud banging noises and footsteps above meand every time I looked up there stood what was once again a monk looking figure with red robes.Almost looked like Luis Kangs grandfather from the first Mortal Kombat movie.

It didn’t speak but I kept feeling something telling me to get up and go summon up Belial.

I had to work and was starting to think I was losing my mind or someone had sent a spirit after me.

Not wanting to take the risk I did was EA said to do in his video about him being hunted by a demon.
I took a deep breath and pushed energy into the spirit (or whatever it was) and all the detail washed away and it became a ball of static energy until it finally dissipated.

I’m still confused about this encounter.
First a dream about Mepsitahl and Hecate then a being showing up who I had no idea who it was.My only assumption is Belial because of the brief angel appearance but the spirit looking like an old monk the rest of the time has me confused.

Anybody here have spirits show up randomly like this?
This was my first time I saw a spirit like this so I was a little spooked.The most I’ve seen are outlines that glow with energy.



Dude, I love getting spooked and yes I know what your talking about. I skryed with Mepsitahl only one time and she appeared with a triangle over her face and her 3rd eye pronounced, very much like an Egyptian deity would look with a crown/mask. I have invoked Sekhmet in the past as well as Hecate but those are long, tho intriguing stories for another time. I think it’s great you are being disciplined and following her guidance.

Now as far as random Spirits showing up, not only has that happened to me many times but it’s a given. When you connect with the Astral or open up a gateway through evocation, it is a doorway to ANY spirit, despite calling out a specific Spirit. I used to roam abandoned buildings and graveyards and would come home and have all kinds of Kinetic experiences, banging, growling, etc. However I havn’t ever banished anything in the usual sense. I simply make it known that I am unafraid and indeed can overpower the spirit, so I visualize the room filling with light while I tell all Spirits that I have not welcomed to leave and they do so.

Now, since Evoking the past month and half, I have had MANY different Spirits pop up that had nothing to do with whom I Evoked. I realised I was doing the same thing I did in graveyards, beaming my spiritual light which acts as a beacon for any Spirit near by to latch onto or visit. However, it is much more pronounced due to Evocation and not ever banishing, as I said I enjoy the company lol

So for example, I will have Spirits I never heard of or read about show up, tell me there name and sure enough they are a Real Spirit with a history. Aside from that I have had a Shaman from Peru show up multiple times who says were old friends. He gave me his name and told me a few words in his language. Sure enough I look it up and the words mean Friend, Past as well as an actual Peruvian name. It was so rare I could only find one person who ever wrote about there experience with this particular Canibo Native language.

Just yesterday, I was watching the show Breaking Bad thinking of how nice it would be to be a kingpin, tho I’ve done small fry stuff here and there lol
All the sudden my kitched light blew and 3 electric charges physically shot out of it and instantly a Spirit dressed in tight black armor with blond hair, standing in the distance in my 3rd eye starts unearthing parts of my psyche I have not yet even thought about. He questioned EVERYTHING I want and am, to the point my whole view on what I want to do LHP wise changed. Of course I made him tell me who he was first, and as neophyte as this is, I had never heard of any Spirit named Bethor! I said NO your lying, you have to be Belial or Azazel as Belials sigils that I KNOW I burned a week ago fell out of a book 5 minutes prior. The spirit again said Bethor and dropped his armor and was suddenly a being of pure light, still with blonde hair. So he showed me my psyche, I told him what I want to do(coke, girls, jet skiis, world travel LOL etc, which I partly had in my past) then he left. So I go online, type in Bethor and its the name of an Olympian Spirit of Jupiter who just so happens to… “The person dignified by his character may be exalted to illustrious positions and may obtain large treasures. He reconciles the Spirits of the Air to man, so that they will give true answers!”

Mind you, the night before this happened I opened a square and had a dream where I was in a BEAUTIFUL, GIANT, Mansion filled with Masonic symbols from the 1800’s that I wasn’t supposed to be in, yet I became great friends with the owners and was able to go there repeatedly in the dream.

Now even crazier, my moms husband, a HELLS ANGEL called and asked me if I wanted to help clear out my rich douchebag uncles old decrept mansion today for some side money. Dude the fucking odotomor read 100,666 miles on the way lol

Infestdead - Angeldemon

Ive had some very similar experiences crackish. What it is the astral sounds of the entity banging on walls or what have you. I figured that out when the knocking on the window kept waking me up but my roommates wouldnt hear it. They did however get a taste of the invisible hands pushing on their bed ]:wink:

So if I understand you Serell,you’re saying that the banging and footsteps are actually the energy from a spirit crossing the veil from the spiritual to the physical?

My daughter was asleep in the same room and while it didn’t wake her up she was tossing and turning a lot and kind of whimpering like she was having a bad dream.
But the banging was quite loud to me.Sounded like someone was taking a hammer to my walls.

Sorry Musta_Krackish, you really pissed me off when you told me to shut up in another post… and rightfully so. I was in the wrong and needed to do more research.

I’m very sorry.

on a positive note: Hey! I found something that works!
and congrats! Pissing me off that bad is a very difficult thing to accomplish… I can think of 4 people that have ever done that. Only one was a rage-fulled outburst… too bad it was well before getting into this stuff… T-T

Ooh! Ooh! I can be useful here! When I read Colin Wilson’s book on Poltergeists - which is a MAGNIFICENT book that actually has loads of insights into how non-corporeal beings use bio-energy and electricity to manifest on and manipulate the material plane - he included an example of a case where phantom poundings were recorded and analyzed on a computer. When they looked at the sound waves these noises produced, they completely broke the rules of normal accoustics. The sound happened “all at once” like an explosion of energy, it didn’t gain or trail off or have an echo, it was as the a fully-formed sound had been “dropped in,” and the waveform pattern had this precise mathematical coldness and precision that would only be possible out of something like a computer synthesizer. I believe the researchers asked the spirit how it had made the noises and it said something along the lines of imagining the sound it wanted to create and feeding it energy until it became real. In other words, it creates a very small astral entity, “The Noise,” and feeds it energy until it manifests, which explains why spirit noises are like all other manifestations where some people will witness them and others won’t but might have an emotional reaction as though they had.

^ That’s just one of those “Straight to Amazon, take my money now” posts - thanks!! :slight_smile: