Strange pendant

Received a very cool pendant, yet, upon receiving it, I felt presences and ringing sounds in my ears.

Anyone know which entities is residing in it?


Well, the pendant itself is of a nine tailed fox-a Kyuubi. Who or where did you receive the pendant from?


It’s got a very intense purple aura surrounding it I can tell you that much

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Yet, I am assuming it aren’t an actual kyuubi itself?

Let’s simply phrase it as, my mum is into fengshui, I would say, I saw it a shop when I accompanied my mum, it caught my eyes and grown on me, first few hours, a few hours later ,i start to feel its present and the ringing sound intensified.

Kitsune or 9 tailed fox. Chinese/Japanese Mythology. Look it up.


Kitsune, fox; kyubi, nine tail. Kyubi no kitsune, nine tail fox spirit.

Anyway, Chinese and Japan have different views to it; Chinese, some call it Hu Xian, fox deity; while others call it hu li jing, jiu wei hu, demon fox…

Dependent on cultural, it can help a person; or completely harm a person.

PURPLE: wisdom, authoritative, female energies, matriarchal, sense of superiority, controlling, imagination, intuition
Problem is, is a real KYUBI no KITSUNE; aka nine tail fox, reside in it? Or it’s just some unknown entities.

And, will it cause any harm? :scream: cause my mum is afraid of nine tails fox because of some chinese myths.


More likely you’ve found a familiar to help you work on your path if I’m honest. Whether it harms or not, I am not sure

Wether its a demon or deity it will still have knowledge to bestow. You need to get out of the habit of seeing demons as innately bad, as its not always the case. Anyway i would maybe meditate and focus on the necklace and see if you get any information.


This anime as a main character with 9 tail spirit humanoid.

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Love it, watch a few minutes and it caught my interest. will definitely watch it when I have time.

I will give it a try, I noticed I get distracted easily, especially when I am trying to meditate. I try to focus on nothing, yet thoughts keep flooding into my heads.

I Drew Azazel sigil and lit a candle to seek him for help, but I kept getting distracted for no reason. Although, won’t deny, I always have tingling feeling on my forehead, between my eyes when I am “meditating”.

Nonetheless, will give it a try, communicate with spirit residing in the pendant.

Imagine a star lit sky meeting a black body of water that has a whirlpool in it. As the thoughts, sounds, etc come don’t fight them accept them and let them fall in the whirlpool until it becomes quiet in your mind. Enjoy the silence for a bit and then call out to whatever is inside the pendant. Sometimes I like to listen to the stars make sounds like glass chimes

Its not about not thinking the thought, its more about being able to refocus when it comes. So when it comes be like ok i acknowledge you but im doing this aka meditative state. Slowly it will happen the more you do it.

In all honesty i would like to ask you on a more private note questions about lilith

Bro!!! I also thought kyuubi