Strange Orbs & Stuff I Caught On Film

Some footage I took during a ritual. I was sitting behind my altar chanting. I had the camera in front of me sitting on a small box on my altar and facing towards the candles so you could see a “through my own eyes” point of view. Look at the strange orbs and figures I captured on film directly in front of me. You can also hear an unidentified tapping noise in the background. Strange. Not sure what this was, maybe just a fluke?

Be sure to pay close attention just above and between the candles, the movement starts right away when the video starts so pay attention. There is a small banner that appears at the beginning, view this video in full screen mode or else it will block everything.

I’ll take a look at the video when I get home. I run with a paranormal research group here in New Mexico and we have take. Too many pics of orbs to count. We generally dismiss orbs because far far far too often they are just dust, bugs, moisture in the air, stuff like that. Not trying to put you down or anything, but in our group orbs are just tossed out as nothing. I’ll post back her again after taking a look at the video in the morning.

This doesn’t look like dust, and not really orbs either. More like little sparks of white light that flicker real quick then disappear. They don’t move around, they stay put and light up almost like the sparks you see when you flick an empty lighter. There is also something dark brown that blurs across the screen, thought it may have been a bug flying by fast but it’s way too large to be a bug. I also heard tapping noises off and on in a weird pattern and there is nothing in my room that makes that noise, also never heard that sound before in my videos so my camera doesn’t make that noise.

The footage I uploaded is real short but I have much more where you can distinctly hear the tapping noises. Sounds like someone is tapping their fingers or knuckles on my wooden Tv stand.