Strange Occurrences

For the past few days, I have been very immersed in reading about different kinds of demons, ones that I have not so much knowledge about. And whilst doing so, I’ve felt the presence of another being lurking around in the room where I was reading. I felt a strange change in temperature as well, it got colder. There was a series of odd things that happened at the same time.

I dismissed the occurrences and went about reading. It seemed like there was a heavy weight on me or something of the sort.

So I am reading, but I keep seeing shadows moving from the corner of my eye. I glance to see what it is, but there is nothing. Being curious and somewhat bewildered, I browsed the internet to see if I could get an insight as to what this might be.

I came across a blog, that was talking about how if you’re reading, talking about, or even thinking about demons, they (the demons/spirits) acknowledge that fact and lurk around you.

Could this be a possibility?

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Yes sometimes this does happen. The mere act of researching them can draw them and other spirits to you. Church was right!! Lol It opens doors!

If you aren’t feeling anything negative or sinister you should be good.

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Banish as needed, and always after dealing with any spirit. I always do it and never had a problem… but I suck at magic, so don’t take my experience as example of anything.

Also, do not dismiss the mundane reasons. If your eyes were tired and you didn’t have good light, it is very well may be normal.

Hm, I was not dealing with any spirit at the time.
I was merely reading when I felt a presence of another being, that was all.