Strange occurances when feeding

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Been a bit since I last posted, life and all the funny bits have been occurring. On to the topic: I normally don’t feed off of people for a good two reasons one I get a better result feeding from magickal sources and I like it alot since working under a vampiric entitity. This occurrence happened today err last night and the results carried over to today.
I usually take a break off of magick and training for about a week and a few days off of my bday, this is my recovery/ stop partying week. I train hard magick hard etc etc. Just to give you a a decent picture I gained a good 5 pounds boozing eating trash Cheeching it up. Lost the weight and today I’m just about out of my bloated weight.
So today I trained hard and had to work after. I work the 6 - 12am shift as a line cook spot eventually I wore down. So I decided to feed on the person next to me when I started to slow down. First off I have to admit I glutted. The person I fed off of slowly slowed down and eventually had to drink coffee just to keep pace (I point this occurrence because at this place it’s not allowed to drink the coffee (too expensive supposedly lol)). One thing I have to admit I felt glorious during and afterwards.
Regardless the oddity is that when I finished up this person speaks broken English, (if not shattered) bonded with me throughout the night (starting convo talked about the baseball game etc. I reciprocated and played the role ). It’s odd because I don’t speak to him unless its work related. Now To compound this oddity When I fed off of people regularly i.e. supermarkets public places, without fail that individual I’m literally gorging on seeks a convo. Has anyone experienced this?


IMO it’s because they recognise their energy in you and feel drawn to you - they’re drawn to you because something that they actually needed is now inside you.

Something similar but in reverse can happen when you heal people: if you channel energy through yourself it will have something of your signature on it, and it’s not unusual for people to have temporary crushes (or even obsessions) with their healers, which is something to be aware of, especially if the receiving person is lonely and perhaps hasn’t had much luck with their love life.

A responsible healer warns their patient in advance, that any feelings are transitory, caused by that energy, and don’t reflect true attraction.

It’s been a while since I took any energy from a human (had some nice stuff from the Catholic Mother Church in central London recently though!) but it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s not a similar effect there. Maybe someone with more hardcore vamping experience will have a different view, but that’s what comes to mind reading this.

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Hey Eva!!
Thanks for the feedback! The last time I attempted a healing working outside of my folks I ended up dating the person I healed (I’m not all that good at healing either got the basics down at best). I do feel that once you cleanse the energetic body of it’s problem and promote their chakras to promote and kick start the healing process you get kind of linked to the patient. It lingered for a few days where I knew when she was going to call, and even randomly meeting up with each other in our comings and goings. I just didn’t know it could happen when it came to feeding .


Pranic vampirism is about power. The flow of chi is analogous to the flow of power. By feeding from him, you’ve created a connection, and established yourself as dominant over him. Unconsciously, he knows this and seeks to chum up to you. You can do this while flirting and watch the girl trip all over herself to be around you and talk to you too.

Here’s a social experiment for you: Go hang out somewhere you’re likely to see fights or competitions. Watch interactions between people, and check out the flow of energy between them. In almost all cases, you’ll find that the energy from one flows into the other. By this, you’ll know who’s dominant.

Now, here’s where a little psychology comes in: On an atavistic level, when we see someone who is clearly more dominant than us, we either want to be his friend, or run away. That’s all your coworker did. But, this “side effect” can be exploited in all numbers of different ways. Feed from your boss repeatedly and watch him become conciliatory towards you. Feed from that chick at the bar and watch her latch on to the “strong provider.” Turn the tables on a heated argument by feeding from your adversary and watch them suddenly become rational and understanding.


Hey Creed!

I like the experiment! Definitely will try it out. Not going to touch the "chick at the bar scenario simply because I’ve done it in the past and I’m going to have to admit I biffed it which led to a toxic relationship that I wasn’t even seeking. As for the argument scenario I kind of NLP’d myself to do my best to alleviate and disarm, simply because in my youth I used to thrive off of it /feed and tempt people to fight me and got some folks in a bad way as a result. Aside from that I manipulate my boss all the time I usually alter my aura to project the "don’t mess with me " mentality and with the same tendril methodology “pushing” instead of “drawing in” he never does. He treats a good chunk of the crew like crap.I’ll give the feeding method a try.


I wonder if gently feeding minute amounts of energy off of my son when he gets home from school would help us. He’s always extremely overstimulated around people and the peaceful house devolves into chaos when he arrives. And if the tiny person’s instinct is to become rational and conciliatory…win win. Hell, even needing a nap would be a win.

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In my experience, the people who feel most strongly effected by my own vampirism (other than for self defense purposes, I mostly do it for demonstration purposes) are those who are already spiritually attuned. If someone was affected by you, then they are probably at least somewhat aware of your presence

Great thread;
And yes, during one of my career courses in my profesison, there was a loud mouth asshole in my section. During lectures, I would sit across the room and feed off of him daily. He became drawn to me and very friendly over the course of 3 months, and towards the end of this course, while we were having drinks together as a group I mentioned how I hated his guts very much at the begining of the course. He was genuinly hurt by this, it made me want to laugh at the time, but makes complete sense in light of this topic we’re discussing.

When you steal the energy of someone, it dilutes their energy, thus allowing blockages to be removed when their energy regenerates. I mostly vampirize with my teeth by squeezing the teeth to collect the blood essence. So yea vampirizing someone else may actually make them a better person even if they don’t realize it, because everyone naturally produces blood even if they aren’t a vampire. However if you really deplete someone of their blood essence, you will definitely have control over their blood.