Strange feeling

ive been feeling a weird feeling lately and i have no energy anymore
like when i stare at a wall or something lines appear in my sight if im in a dark room with light is i stare long enough my vision goes black. idk why it does and i dont understand why

well… what does your doctor say?

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If you have Teledoctor or related online medical advice, I’d go with that. Now isn’t a good time to be going out to a place where sick people go.

After that, it sounds like low blood pressure, or a food reaction.
Check your diet has enough salt and you’re eating enough. Simplify your diet to eat just whole fruits, real veggies and meats, and cut out processed and fried food. You might lose a little weight but you’ll be fine, humans are designed to do that.

If symptoms go away, then it’s likely diet - add back your old diet items one by one, per day, until you have issues again, and you’ll find what the problem is. This is a soft version of what’s called an ‘elimination diet’ used by allergists.

If it doesn’t help, and the teledoctor didn’t help, you should try to get checked by a doctor.

Magickally speaking, it won’t hurt to, at the same time, cleanse and banish. You want to make sure it’s not a parasite sucking your energy. You can scan for these and pluck them off when they’re the common larvae variety.

You could also be being vampirized by another human - scan yourself for attachments that look like ropes or tendrils, and cut them if you find any.

Finally look for other sources of energy drain. Scan yourself looking for leaks or damage in your aura that needs a patch, and in this case, call Raphael to help you heal it.

Replenish your energy with sun gazing, get some Vitamin C gummies down you, and get as much deep sleep as you can.

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