Strange experiences with Azazel

So, i have a lot of questions. Firstly I wanna know if Azazel still is around me. I used to live in another Country and summoned him there, and he helped me, i still feel this incredible mental and physical power from him. I even have seen him show himself to me in dreams, and in a reflection in a big church window.
The one thing that confuses me the most is i had a ouija board, i was 100% sure i had this with me when i moved back home and searched all boxes multiple times for it, but for some reason it disappeared into thin air. I only tried this ouija board a couple times and it would never work for me by the way. But i could do evocations and meditaiton and connect with Azazel no problem, and even had growls, stuff moving and knocks on the wall. Right now i haven’t done these things for a while but still feel his presence. I have a lot of other strange experiences, i might be telekinetic too, back when i lived with my now ex gf i was so angry at her i stared at a glass in front of her and transferred all my anger to it and the glass exploded, the glass was not in the sun, and was cold and had no liquid in it prior. So coulden’t be explained.
Anyway what do you all think? And if you want i can share the manifestation of Azazel in the reflection of the window, and more of my strange experiences too. Cheers.

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