Strange experience

I had an odd experience the other day. I was just lying down to get some rest, mid-day or so, and I had a vision of my husband, whom I am separated from, and his new girlfriend fighting in their apartment. The images were kind of blurry and I can’t recall the details well, but a brief moment after the vision, I heard a very clear voice in my right ear (I was lying on my left side) say “Help me, she’s kicking me!”
What made it very strange to me was that the voice was a little boy’s voice, certainly not my husband’s voice, and I don’t believe there was any kicking going on in the vision, nor do I believe my husband’s girlfriend kicked him. I don’t normally hear voices out of the blue, either.
I don’t know what to make of this, but the little boy’s voice, loud and clear, made an alarming impression to say the least.
Any thoughts anyone?



From a rhp perspective you’re fucked up and need strong psychiatric medications. See your doctor and get a referral. Do it now, before it’s too late.

Alternatively there are several explanations. Record what you think are the interpretations - hopefully in an old fashioned, ruled page Magickal Journal with an old fashioned (disposable to begin with) fountain pen, just to help get you in the mindset when you make physical notes in a physical journal. As the lhp is very different for everyone who travels it, allow time to tell.
My ideas of precognition or hearing echoes from your separated husband’s past are simply my ideas pushed onto your circumstances. What Magick are (or have) you doing? Not that it’s strictly any of my business.



If I wanted to pull a complete guess out of thin air, could be that your ex-husband was a soul-mate and instances just happened to pull you apart (we have many soulmates) and his inner child self is being hurt by his new gf and since you two are connected he’s subconsciously calling out to you for help.


Thank you both for your perspectives. I don’t know how else to describe the experience, and at first I thought it was connected to the vision in some way. I considered the voice being something such as the inner-child’s voice of my husband, but I got the distinct impression, once it was over, that the voice was in no way connected to him. I don’t think the girlfriend was physically assaulting him, anyway, because he’s not one to tolerate that kind of behavior. Anyway, probably nothing important, I was just looking for opinions. Thanks!

I think @Encore19 is correct. You still have a silver thread connecting you to your past lover/spouse. But you state it didn’t feel like him, like it was another voice entirely as from a young child. Do you have neighbors with small kids? Just guessing it could be a child in your apt or house and neighborhood too. I can’t think of another answer really. Good luck.

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Thanks, Nengeleth. There are a lot of kids in my neighborhood. There’s no way I could pinpoint anyone in particular. But, your reply made me think of another time I have heard a child’s voice in distress. I was in a large estate for a business thing, and kept hearing a little child’s voice, very muffled, but sounded like crying and whining a lot. I mentioned it to one of the staff, and was told a young girl had died there a long time ago, but that’s all she would tell me.

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Maybe where you live has a child spirit calling you. Never know. Get someone to scan your place? i don’t know what you should do about any spirits hanging around, not in my knowledge base, sorry to say.

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