Strange Experience With Lucifer!

So after chanting lucifers enn daily for about 2-4 weeks
I have started to get some signs.

I first saw an episode of doctor who about a character called the weeping angel. And not too long ago i gave him some roses as an offering. When they had died i scattered the roses in my backyard and thanked lucifer. Later that day

i turned on the tv and on channel six the simpsons was on and homer was calculating something to 666

And after that i turned on a random song on spotify

It was called CRYING IN THE RAIN.

And then i Found another song called Loves lecture by ferrante

and the album was called ANGEL CRY.

What is all this angel crying stuff ?

Pls tell me what you guys think


These are surely signs alright. Great work!

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sounds like some lesson he is trying to teach you. Maybe some healing that needs to be done.

I would suggest going into meditation and just asking him to help you understand. Sit there and see what images, sounds etc come to you.

They will be an answer.