Strange experience last night. (Possibly Lilith?)

So yesterday I had set out some offerings for Lilith and did my regular meditation trying to connect closer with her. I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary at that particular time and the rest of the day was relatively normal.

When I laid down for bed is when something started happening. First I just did a routine aura cleansing but within a few minutes it was clear I wasn’t alone in the room. I started sensing something just to the right of me followed by a cool breath on my cheek, then what felt like fingers or a hand brushing from side to side across my forehead, occasionally stopping where the third eye would be and occasionally moving to the top of my head and resting there.

While that happened there was a reoccurring sound in my ear that went between a static crackle to the sound of a light wind. Finally, I stopped feeling the fingers and instead had what only can be described as a big tarantula sitting directly over my eye.

It was around then that I asked if it was her, and assuming it was I thanked her for coming and asked her to speak in a way I could understand. But shortly after thanking her it seemed the presence faded and she (or something else) was gone. So my question is does anyone have an idea as to why Lilith might appear then apparently leave when she’s acknowledged? I got to thinking about it and started wondering if it was one of her daughters and maybe she was upset that I called her the wrong name…but I hadn’t done a petition asking for that so honestly I wouldn’t have been expecting that if that’s even the case and my only logical explanation based on what was going on was that it would be Lilith.

I’ve read into occultism off and on for awhile but relatively new to practice and kind of unsure of myself when trying to communicate. The whole feeling something then the apparent departure when I began speaking seemed odd so not sure if I did something wrong or if maybe it was just the barrier between communication at this stage.


To me it sounds like the beginning stages of contact from one of Lilith’s sons or daughters. Lilith has an amazingly powerful enery, and often times simply researching her or the very first steps towards forming a relationship with her will draw one or more of her children.

However Incubi and Succubi are hugely varied on an individual basis. Other than all of them having a pretty sexual nature, that seems to be where the generalization ends. Some are gentle and loving, others harsh and more sadistic. You have those who are monogamous, those who are polyamorous, as well as those who never do anything more than a one night stand. Some are permanently around, some visit every so often etc.

Temperament is also just as varied as in humans, as is willingness to teach. There’s also the possibility it could be any other type of spirit “race”. If you felt safe I wouldn’t worry about it. You could try asking Lilith the next time you meditate to give some insight on the encounter. Even if you cannot hear or see them, answers generally come if you’re open to signals.


Thanks for the input. I didn’t feel like it was hostile or anything, more like curiosity I guess if I had to explain it. I was going to do a meditation late tonight and try to reach out to Lilith and see if I get any feeling from her.

I think she’s shown up in my dreams a couple times but I think it’s been to let me know she’s hearing me. The only specific detail of those I remember is she was at the bottom of some stairs in total blackness and I was at the top of them then I remember specifically she said something like “well…are you coming?”. Other than that I’ve just gotten glimpses of what I believe to be her. I occasionally get an outside thought that I wonder if it’s her but I’m still working to tell what my rambling thoughts are compared to actual communication.


Thats very interesting can u keep updating this i would like to know more and i hope u will get your answers soon

Sure, I’ll update as any noteworthy events may happen.

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Thank u!!