Strange events

Hello everyone. First off, I would like to say I didn’t do any, evocations or anything. A friend of mine said I would have a full kundalini raise this month he gave me all my Usui reiki as well as Kundalini reiki attunements 6 months ago.

What had been happening was a huge pressure on my forehead like someone’s thumb was pressing against it. It would make me dizzy and pass out sometimes. Now, everywhere I go, things fall off from shelves and no one sees it but me so everyone assumes I am the one who dropped it.

Now, I phase out and kind of trance easily. Had spontaneous astral projections. And all these weird things happen. I was wondering what it was. Any suggestions? Probably gonna get a divination from TWF after this.

Reiki attunements are a strange thing. When I got mine, I had assumed that reiki was the same as qi gong, prana, etc…but it really seems to be its own thing. Looking back on my experiences, it seems to me that the body takes a very gradual process in integrating this energy with the electrical system of the body. Its far too intense to introduce immediately, and my teacher warned me of trying to do to much to early. Apparently it is inexhaustible when fully mastered, but getting to that point takes time, and you kind of have to retreat for awhile during the metamorphosis. I didnt listen and started giving myself constant nosebleeds, full-body cramps, and causing absolute chaos in my life.

Long story short, my suggestion would be to take some time out from things and just take it easy. Youre going to be undergoing changes whether you like it or not, and to attempt living your live as usual during this wouldnt make sense. Im not saying turn into a hermit necessarily, but focusing on your internal world more than the external, at least for a little while will help immensely. Passing out is always a little concerning though, so I wouldnt rule out going to the doctor if youre concerned.

To be honest I havnt been the best student in this field, but these are the things that have helped me, or that looking back, I wish I had done. In fact, i think ill go give my teacher a call right now.

If you really want the best guidance through any of this, I would try evoking Usui himself. His picture alone is quite powerful. Many practitioners I know are very fond of Quan Yin as well, she seems to have a very calming, mellowing presence.

In your opinion does getting reiki attunements help alot with kundilini? I’m starting to work into raising that , so perhaps that would be something to invest in.

I do personally think that reiki attunements do help with clearing many of the pathways for the energy to travel to. They really do help with the blockages and you might possibly have an awakening and raising during Kundalini Reiki attunements…

Reiki works fine with kundalini, but even better works Reconnective Healing, and “even even” better what is called “The Reconnection” that will blow your mind.

for more info look for Eric Pearl’s book or contact a practitoner near your area