Strange entity

Recently I have been followed by a strange nameless entity. The entity appears to me as a small, grey skinned, girl with black nails and eyes. She is around me constantly but when I sit down and get unfocused or tired I hear her speak with a sharp voice speaking random things I have heard from various demons over the years which leads me to believe she is demonic in nature. She seems to be aiding me in my dark works and I enjoy having her around. How can I empower this entity?

I seem to remember you posting on the Vampire section recently so … You might care to draw down lifeforce from any group at a mall or large gathering to load up. Then transfer into her just as you might by charging a sigil or even transferring healing or energy to another through psi energy balls from a distance. Just a thought.


No sigil, unresponsive to blind evocation, and I cant seem to get a link. That is my problem

no, I meant the same process as if you were charging a sigil…so that ole technique of blowing energy into a mirror…lol… place her mentally within the confines of that mirror and give the energy to her after telling her you are transferring to her.


This seems like it would work, I am going to try to bind this entity soon so I can make sure she sticks around.

What’s your reasoning for doing this? This isn’t a baited question or anything, I’m honestly curious. What does it mean to bind an entity?

To me it simply means to create a link to.

Is it a full time link, like an evocation without a circle, triangle, etc?

I have a couple nameless entities following me around too, the most prominant is a woman adorned in peacock feathers. There’s also a monkey who likes to disguise himself as a spooky clown and a third one who appears to be some sort of demon. There’s also a new guy who looks like some sort of African tribal dude. I wish I could communicate with them better.

It depends on how you bind it.

Good grief, there’s various ways? That makes sense though. What are you gonna do?

Get another entity to force this one to manifest and then make it give me a sigil that binds it. Not as easy as it sounds and if it fails you have a pissed off entity on your hands.

That’s wild. I’d like to hear how this turns out.