Strange entity in my room

Hi everyone, my name is Brandon, basically, I felt that there’s an entity in my room, and I can’t rectify what it it.

I have great difficulty communicating with him, but using coins (Chinese always use coins to communicate with spirits and God) I am able to get him to answer yes no question. And it freak me out when some of the predictions came true.

I told a friend, who is into Lucifer, and he said he can’t tell anything, I searched online end up reading more about Lucifer and Lilith. But while researching about it, my recommend watching list in YouTube was filled with Azazel. Of course, recommended read from here and other site.

And when I look into Azazel, that name just vanish instantly, from all recommended read and video to watch etc.

It seem like it is helping me, yet I have fear, he does look like Azazel nor Lucifer (how my friend describe Lucifer didn’t fit into this entity description) yet something is tingling deep inside me, to find out more about it. Any suggestions?

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Possible to continue with this thread after the introduction? If I retype everything, I might miss out certain information.

Yes, an intro just tells us a bit about you, your magical experiences, and what brought you here. You don’t have to repeat anything you’ve posted in this specific topic thread though, just the basics. It helps us tailor our answers to any questions you may have to your level of experience and knowledge.

Descriptions don’t work for uncharted territory, OP! :slight_smile:

You might have a house god. As Rhin says, “every household has gods. A man without a god is a poor man indeed”, so if your fellow inhabitory intelligence has your back, welcome it to the neighborhood!

You never know when your guest rolls higher than anyone expected.

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freelancer, new magician. Drawn to this page by a friend, and used to practise some small wealth magic which failed miserably. Area I am looking into include personal development, self improvement and wealth magick. Some struggle I faced, include mediation (I have great difficulty going into truce state) and opening of third eyes. I felt strange occult in my room yet I can’t communicate with it, only way of communication is coins (1 head 1 tail is yes, 2 heads/tails mean no…) And creepy enough, everything he “promised” came true…

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For you to know me better, I mean, there’s tons of post, it’s difficult to read through everyone of them.

I noticed something eccentric as well, dreams, it communicate with me through dreams, showing what to expect from certain situations, like I dreamt of working part time in a plastic company, eventually I really end up there… Or even, a dream of a mall, I end up navigating through the mall despite my first time there…

Is there a possibility of it being Azazel? I mean, when I look through videos of Enn and Sigil, Azazel tend to show up in recommended videos or search. When I start looking into Azazel, all recommended search of him vanish… Is this like a hint of some sort?

@Brandon9901 have you tried asking them with the coins if that is their name? maybe ask 3 times just to be sure? head yes tails no.

Did thought of that, I asked Lucifer, a straight up no. When I was asking about Azazel, first 2 was Yes, last was a no… Which create the ambiguity, is it a yes, or a no…

It’s like, whenever I ask about his identity, he will start giving eccentric reply.

Well maybe start recording your dreams and see if you get any symbolic messages through them.

Sure, I will.

By the way, is there a possibility of it being a spirit of someone whom passed away, and he is seeking help? If that’s the case, how can I know how I can help? And how can I know who am I handling when he is reluctant to reveal his identity?

possibly but go with the flow for now try and see what your subconsious and unconsious mind is trying to tell you. So record what your dreams tell you. also keep trying to build a connection with the spirit through time your communication should improve so don’t give up and keep trying.