Strange encounter today

First off let me say Im new to the dark side of things. Ive been pursued by the darkness all of my life. Im pretty much a guy who was raised in a christian home. However I had some pretty strange encounters with demons as a child and knew even at 7 that I was being pursued by forces unseen.

So day roughly 5:30 pm I heard a voice say plain as day say “turn off your phone and turn on the flame.” “Light a candle and cigarettes to me as an offering and I will give you message.” I did as I was told and I felt alot of energy and choas in my mind. I then heard a voice say “look into the flame.” In the flame I saw myself performing my music with unknown forces acting a s puppeteer.

All this frightened me beyond belief. I quickly put out the cigarettes and vlew the candle out but befire hearing if you snuff the candle out youll snuff your life out.

Am I going crazy?
Ive had other workings over the last year.
Im pretty weirded out please give guidence.

For me it means that an entity wishes to help you with your performances in the music industry.

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Thank you!!

@James_Blake Please complete your introduction. As it stands, it does not meet the requirements of the rule.

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Thank you for the reminder. Its so easy to get lost in thus huge library. I just posted a more thorough intro.

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