Strange dreams

So lately I have been trying to get more involved in Magic and what not, but last night I had the most perplexing dream ever. I was talking to this old man, it seemed like we were on a date- like I was seducing him. Sometime during sitting down he told me ‘you should go talk to your mother’, and I asked why. All he responded was ‘Because there’s a devil on/over your head’ with that I woke up, but I just can’t get over the fright I felt. And it’s ironic because I consider myself atheist (although I grew up Christian). But I remember telling myself when I woke up from the dream around 4-5 am that nothing has control over me unless I give it power to, and then I meditated til my mind was calm and I fell back asleep. It’s just that, I wish I knew what the dream meant, it’s so strange. I’d appreciate anyone having any idea what it meant (:

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Maybe it is a warning.You should stay away demons.He can be a guardian angel

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I’d have to admit, I was interested in the LHP, and was digging into information concerning lucifer…

Did he seem familiar to you? Maybe describe the man to your mom. To me he sounds like a guardian angel yes

My mom is Christian, so talking to her would trigger a frenzy. I don’t think so, I can vaguely remember the dream now, but I do remember that I was really comfortable with him. I was wondering, maybe he meant that there was a demon fighting for me to work w/ it. I still haven’t chosen a path to follow-up LHP or RHP and I don’t want to any time soon, but I do feel a calling from both sides. Or sometimes I’d hear a voice in my head saying stuff like ‘we will not work with you unless you choose’ (because I’d ask for certain things like to get rid of a person causing me harm)