Strange Dream

I prayed to Lucifer for help and guidance, and to also take care of an enemy for me (old coworker). The next morning, my girlfriend, who was sleeping with me, said she had a terrible nightmare. I said what happened?

She explained:
A ‘little’ demon escorted her downstairs, where she saw other demons. They did not speak but were ugly and short. As soon as she asked who they were, they tried to kill her and she awoke.

Any significance to this dream? Honestly I have never had a dream involving demons, but if I did, I would be much more inclined to say Lucifer was listening to me.

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on my little experience i think “demons” or “energies” or whatever you want to call it, they can control dreams like i said based on my experience they can control dreams, satan told me im not sure if was he or impostor or if satan is a lyier but he said we got demons sleeping in our head that control part of our process of the brain or thoughts, but its normal for us to have them but we dont notice about it, but hear this just as a random useless opinion

@duke It could be a test or just fear of old dogma. At this moment I’m more a light worker, but I try to learn from a daemon now. I think Lucifer is guiding me and this experience is very positive. So who knows which direction I go. And yes I’ve been tested to or had that experiences. But you got to get rid of the fear because I do think these are old dogma’s and that demons are same as us, some lighter some darker but willing to help.

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Dreamsing about death dying or beign kills meanns an end to the old and a new begining or rebirth