Strange dream

So, I recently had a dream that this spiritual entity had it’s hands around my neck & I barely could breathe. This was after I had performed a ritual, invoking a demon. What should I make of this?

What kind of demon did you invoke?


I wish I knew more about that entity… hmmmm…

IIn reality, the dream has a kind of positive meaning that means that the demon did accept your petition and will help you. Indeed we are trained to fear from demons more than we should; as a need of adversity of The Church: Having said that I mean you should respect them, take magick seriously and expect good things so as good things come to you.

On the other hand as a rule of thumb after evocations clean the environment literally; cleaning is not just for germs, but helps your subconscious too in a more occult sense, to clean unwanted energy. You may do banishing rituals daily; that is to help your psyche feel safer and hence saner.

But all in all the dream has a good meaning. :slight_smile:


It could also have been a random nachtmar/nightmare attracted by the energies. If your bedroom and house is well warded and your protections strong this wouldn’t - shouldn’t - be it, but worth eliminating as a possibility.

I did project anger when I made my request. This anger however, was not an entitled demand, but rather energy of how sincere my request was, and a way of giving that energy to the spirit to use it, if that makes sense?