Strange Dream with King Paimon

Hello, this morning I had a very strange dream, and I would like to know the opinion of you and if anyone can do an interpretation, please, I will be very grateful. I will summarize it not to be too long.
I live now very far from my mother, but in the dream I was at her house (me and my daughter, who is all the time present in the dream).
About my appearance until this is the same as the real, in the dream I go to my mother’s room and open a closet that has it (at the time my tarot cards appear in my hand, the same as I have in real life), just that they had some very different cards that I do not have in my real tarot card.
From the first letter I do not remember well, the second looked like a man with long hair and wrapped in a robe of royalty, the third and fourth had the same drawings (I do not remember the drawings, but I know they were the same) the different was in the color of these letters and in what was written on them.
The two letters had clearly written PAIMON on them, the first one was all blue and I understood that it represented water, the second was an orange to red and I understood that it represented the fire.
It was at this moment that I decided to call King Paimon, but I did not use his secrecy or do a traditional evocation, I just picked up a small box of paperwork (that’s what you’re reading, strange, huh?) And I called him, he answered and I said I wanted to talk to him, and he said: You want to meet me, right? and I said: too.
At that moment I could no longer hear his voice (a strong and masculine voice, very beautiful). I left my mother’s room and passed by my sister’s room, I saw that the light that was suddenly lit went off, at this moment I felt a strong I believe it was King Paimon.
I went downstairs in a strange way and headed for the area where my mother’s washing machines were.
Arriving there I saw King Paimon and even frightened me in the first moment because I did not expect to see him that fast.
He was not dressed in king clothes, I could see his arms and his chest, a very handsome man (if you read this King Paimon is with all respect), short hair in black, eyes of a beautiful color that I can not define , a strong and well defined body, appeared to be about 25 years old.
The detail was in his legs because he appeared like a centaur, his legs were of horse, sooner after he changed to human legs, although still it continued like a centaur.
He greeted me and I revered him, your Majesty’s welcome, he comforted my daughter by also running her hands gently in her hair.
We continued talking and stopped near the stairs, while he spoke I began to caress his arm and he looked at me as if asked: um, what? and then I started to have strange sensations, it seemed like he was biting my neck and I said: this hurts, but it’s very good, and he said: is not it? so i woke up

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Any thoughts on that? I’m willing to listen.

desculpe eu estou ansioso para ouvir os rsrs:-D

I hope to hear your opinions at some point, sorry more was incredible, and I would really like to hear some interpretations :wink:

If anyone has an interpretation about this I would like to hear !!!

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Once posted, you cannot change the title unless you are a TL 3 member. I can do so for you if you wish, just tell me what do you want it changed to.

I would be very grateful if you do this for me. If possible I would like to switch to: Strange dream with King Paimon

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