Strange dream encounter with Pazuzu

I have to preface this by saying that prior to the dream I knew very little about Pazuzu. I’m a South Asian and primarily work with the Hindu pantheon.

I was initially drawn to him yesterday because of certain correspondences that randomly popped into my mind in relation to him without ever studying his myth or personality. I’ve read extensively about other Babylonian Gods like Tiamat and Marduk, and Pazuzu’s name did not really pop up in the sources I used. I knew he was in the Exorcist but considering Hollywood’s tendency to malign pagan deities, I didn’t think much of it.

In the dream, Pazuzu appeared as a (rather handsome) middle-eastern man with dark hair, tan skin, and Levantine features. He also had two sets of sharp fangs that he bared to me, but not in a threatening way - more like “hey, check out my cool teeth”. The whole vibe was… playful? He laughed occasionally and spoke very little, but he was very physical and touchy with me. At some point he let me know that he would like to draw blood from me. I was a little intimidated, so I just sort of lie there and let him do what he wanted because I didn’t want to anger him. I think he saw that I was afraid of him and just ended up planting a big kiss on my neck instead. It did not feel malevolent or non-consensual - but I did get the impression that his whole manner was direct, dominant and dare I say, possessive.

Later on in the dream, I fucked up out of fear and tried to banish him from my house because I was unsure of his legitimacy. I’ve met Tiamat in dreams before, but Kali has always escorted me. I guess I felt a little bit like a stranger in a strange land and out of my depth - so I went into total defense mode. I brought out the big guns - mantras like that would immediately demolish a lower-level spirit, but he seemed to still be there. He was hurt, though. So he left (:frowning: sorry, Pazuzu) and almost immediately gave me another dream where he protected me and my child (who was interestingly named Tiamat) from harm by striking an enemy dead with a bolt of lightning. I think it was his way of moving himself out of the picture and showing me he meant no harm.

So I woke up and went through Michael Ford’s Maskim Hul (I have only ever read the book in parts) and was taken aback to find certain themes, symbols, and patterns from my dreams match with his lore. The only thing that didn’t seem to fit was all the hype about his terrible form and fierce nature. He was far removed from that description in my dream, but I know he can manifest as such. Although I wouldn’t say he’s a comforting spirit (I felt intimidated and uneasy), he is by no means cold or without warmth/affection - a bit like a Mafia godfather. I also felt an incredibly powerful sexual energy within his aura. His sexual nature is not often talked of, but I think Pazuzu is possibly very potent in that area.

Has any of you worked with him enough to corroborate or contradict my experience? Advice/warnings will be welcome. I guess I’m really confused about what my next steps should be.


Pazuzu is a sexually potent demon. I think that aspect isn’t touched upon as much because he was closer affiliated to protecting mothers and their infants, so sex doesn’t really play into that. However, whenever I summon him I get this heavy sexual aura from him, almost like a strong musk.

I’d say just be calm. I’ve been doing magic and spellwork with Pazuzu for years and imo he is one of the best demons: mainly because he is easy to communicate with (does not demand a lot) and gets the job done like you wouldn’t believe. I would recommend being assertive. Pazuzu has a bit of a thing for deflating egos, so I would check yours at the door. He became very friendly after I made an altar for him. It’s simple. I just stuck with an statue of him, some feathers, candles, libations, flowers, and an offering of meat, sweets, and/or fruit after he has assisted me.

I’ve had him manifest in different forms to me ever since I was young, sometimes more ferocious like in the books, but mainly appears as a fanged humanoid with bird talons and sometimes a falcon head. He is transitionary, so many of the apotropaic amulets we see of him in Mesopotamia are just one of his many forms.

I hoped this is helpful. :slight_smile:


It is! Thank you.

Yes, you’re very wise… leave your ego at the door! Indeed.