Strange dream about the end of the world

EA said that he hated listening to other people tell him about their dreams. Well, here’s my dream. It started off with a guided hike with my aunt and uncle. Our guide was a long haired Native American man and he took us into the forest. In the middle of the forest was a massive cliff which contained a trail leading up to a plateau surrounded by trees. The geography was strange to say the least. We walked up to the plateau and in the middle of it was a burrow or a cave. I began to go into it but the guide stopped me. He told me that it was haunted by the spirit of a woman whom was murdered. As I slowly crept out of the entrance, I saw several full obsidian arrowheads on the ground. I picked each of them up and examined them. They all had the Laguz rune prominently carved onto them. I thought nothing of it as we made our way off of the plateau and down toward the other side of the forest. Suddenly I was in a stone circle and a beam of purple light was shining down on me. I heard a voice proclaiming that this was the end of the world and I woke up. So what do the apocalypse, a haunted cave, and the Laguz rune have in common?


Dreams are symbolic. It could be something as simple as “change” happening. It will be the end of that world, and then a New World will begin. The laguz rune I would figure in this dream would mean a Purification so that a New Purer Order may begin.


I have been having similar dreams, I also have this feeling that something bad is happening. I dont know if its just anxiety but I think some major event will be happening soon. I almost actually puked 2 hours before that earthquake in mexico.

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Ok so here is what I can give you regarding the dream.

This rune is connected to your subconscious as is the cave symbolism. Dreams are a way of our subconscious reaching us but through symbols. A great book to explore on this topic is Jungs red book.

I feel you don’t have a dream/ritual journal I would start, and you maybe will be able to pick up PATTERNS, which is what I would say to look for.

To me the world is only the perceived part of reality (which is a small fraction), so this tells me an expansion of perception. The Indian is likely a shamanistic symbol, the bridge between conscious and unconscious.

The murdered gal, the ‘old god’ of your soul, god being ‘her reality’

Hope that helps and please know it’s only opinion.

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