Strange description of satanic ritual from David Icke's book

I’ve had a small period of time when I was “fascinated” by many conspiracy theories. One of authors that I was really into was David Icke. During reading his book “The biggest secret” I found description of weird human-sacrifice ritual called “Drawing Down of the Moon”. I’m curious if there is some related or the same ritual described somewhere (the ritual with the same name is available with wicca magic, but it’s not containing human sacrifices.
Well, I don’t really buy his theory about Reptilians and that Demons = Aliens.
Here is some part from this book (page 303):

Arizona says she wore a red robe and stood in the centre of a
pentagram which was surrounded by a hexagram or Star of David. She was triggered
into her ‘Isis’ program and conducted the Drawing Down of the Moon ceremony which,
she says, made four snarling, hideous creatures materialise in the Satanists’ circle. The
sacrificial victims, who have been bred from birth for the role, are ritually killed by
slashing the throat from left to right. This is the origin of the Freemasonic sign of
pulling the flat hand across the throat from left to right, a movement which means
“You’re dead”. The blood from the victims is collected and mixed with arsenic, which
appears to be a necessary element for those of the human-reptilian bloodlines. This is
poured into goblets and consumed by the Satanists, together with the liver and eyes.
This is supposed to provide strength and greater psychic vision. Fat is scraped from the
intestines and smeared over the bodies of the participants - like the fat of the ‘messeh’
in ancient Egypt.

Oh Dear,

I don’t even know where to start with mr D.ICKe

I actually know him a little bit, met him in London and corresponded with him briefly.

He simply doesn’t know what he’s talking about and has been taken in by various Satanic Panic hoaxers, including the aforementioned Arizona Wilder, who has now conveniently disappeared from public view. Same with his other supposed “Satanic Insider” sources, I would say it is all a load of bollocks, though admittedly I also found it fascinating about a decade ago, as a sort of sci-fi horror what if scenario.

One thing he doesn’t mention any more is that he used to be a Theosophist and his supposed sources were ascended masters, which would technically also make him a Satanist, at least according to most Christians. I am particularly cross with him for equating the Anunnaki with reptilians, which has been copied ad nauseam by other conspiracy theorist types, such as Simon Parkes and Corey Goode.

We have many depictions and even fossils of the Anunnaki, at least in their earthly form and they were giant humans, not at all reptilian.

In any case, I wouldn’t take anything he writes seriously, nowadays he is on the “covid doesn’t exist” bandwagon.


Well I have the same opinion like. But I also find that some of his thoughts and books were inspired by few movies like “Zeitgeist” series and specially the part where Christ attributes (like date of born or method of death sentence) is compared to older deities, but their feautures were different when I checked them.

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There’s nothing in that ritual which seems strange:

  • it’s an invocation of a magickal self (albeit maybe programmed by others, but creating a different sense of self for ritual work, and then inducing an altered state to access it, goes back to pre-agricultural shamanic cultures, and anyone who gets dressed up for work and alters their mindset to be professional and friendly even if they don’t feel like it, does a version of the same act);

  • then there’s an evocation into physical form, the four creatures;

  • then a human sacrifice, which we know is a thing people do;

  • finally, ritual cannibalism, which again is found almost everywhere. The liver is a prized organ in many cultures, and so are eyes in this context of ritual killing.

Smearing intestinal fat could release hormones and other substances which enter the blood, the gut possesses neurons so it’s not implausible that the fat surrounding it would have subtances capable of doing that.

One thing I have seen firsthand, over and over again, is to never rule out anything regarding what types of humans walk this earth, no matter how bizarre it may seem, and that some of them are malicious beyond our wildest dreams of hostility, but also, that there are factions among them, such that species is no innate determining factor, any more than ethnic group is for human behaviour.

Cutlures, customs, and innate tendencies exist, but there are always people who differ from the norm, or have evolved beyond it.

When you look into the speed with which the Dutroux scandal was buried, “Satanic Panic” seems to have been a hasty label applied to discredit very real events in a lot of cases. I don’t know anything about Arizona Wilder but if you do some (non-Wikipedia) research into Isaac Kappy (if there’s anything left online), that’s an eye-opener. It gets political past that though, so I’ll not say more.


This ^

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I haven’t heard of him before, but at a quick glance he seems to have been part of the Qanon / pizzagate cult. Not to get too political, but that movement has been utterly discredited. As for Arizona Wilder, his interview with David Icke would make an excellent horror movie, but that’s probably all it is, fiction. In fact, both of the above cases seem like LARP-ing to me.

Not that I would recommend it, but you can watch the interview here:

None of that is true (for example he was no part of any cult, there IS no cult) but it really would get political past that point, you’re welcome to PM me if you want about it. :+1:


Idk if this is relevant here but there are groups that fight against the ‘satanic panic’ lot in regards that there are still people profiting off of the idea of ‘satanic ritual abuse’ when there are other genuine victims of paedophilia. I can get more info on these groups as my paps is a part of those but that’s only if anybody is interested, I’m not looking into specific instances here as that is not my bag

I’m sorry, but it boggles my mind people can accept Muslim grooming gangs, can accept widespread pedophilia, exploitation, and abuse within the Catholic Church, yet when it comes to satanism, everyone acts as though there is no way it could possibly be true?!

Not to mention the fact, observed on here when we had swingers join trying to spice up their sex life by being on a forum full of black magicians, some people see satanic imagery as a cool counter-culture accessory, and others take it more seriously, and totally vibe with the idea of a philosophy that says do as thou shalt, and that there is no innate value to human life, if you think you can improve your own circumstances by taking that life.

Something which is plainly a LARGE part of even “our” LHP and satanic (etc) culture, given the very large and popular Baneful Magich Category, and the number of views and Likes any topic about death curses which have succeeded will acquire - something UNLIKELY to happen on an equally mainstream Cathoilic or Muslim forum.

If I wanted to stalk someone, and sat outside in my car, tried to follow them, they’d be believed - if I did it dressed as a gigantic bunny rabbit, or somehow made them believe I was a giant rabbit, they’d be referred for psychiatric help and no-one would think it could be true. Same thing here - make what you do utterly outlandish, like something out of a movie, and the victims raise doubt the moment they try to get help.


Woah woah woah, not the case with what I’m saying. No accepting here i think any child abuse is abhorrent, I guess I should have made it more clear. Groups that fight against fake satanic ritual abuse. I’m positive there is things that happen in all of those spheres regarding paedophilia but I’m purely talking about the ikelet versions of bullshit that didn’t happen, people profiting off of lies and inadvertently drawing eyes away from the actual atrocities that do go on. In no way did I intend to mitigate that we do have a problem on earth with people doing this. My apologies that I didn’t make that more apparent.

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Because again… Fully aware

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Cool, and I wasn’t really ragging on you personally, individually, just that I have seen “satanic panic” referenced a lot as though there’s no POSSIBLE way… as I said above.

In reality for every person who’s LHP like me because I want maximum spiritual ascent for myself, and power to better my own life and evolve the entire human race, there are just as many who think it’s fun to fuck people up and would happily damn the world if it meant they felt they got some power out of it.

A non-zero number of people who groove on hurting little kids are likely to be drawn to that - more than they will be to Islam, or Catholicism.

The fact the Dutroux affair was covered up so thoroughly instead of being a scandal that surpassed Watergate by factors of thousands indicates that coverups happen, and no amount of silencing people like David Icke (who was the first person with influence to call out Jimmy Savile, and he was definitely into some shady shit spiritually) will help so long as real scandals like that are busily being memory-holed, and wiped offline.


I haven’t heard of the Dutroux thing before and definitely need to look into it if im to gain more context there.

Totally understand what your saying about people defending like people can do no wrong but people are people and people like to idealize, I’m certainly not that naïve and yeah that was definitely not where I was coming from. I won’t defend anyone from any path regarding anything other than their individual character if someone is a piece of shit they are that regardless.

The whole point is self ascent and evolution and that can never be an excuse for any bullshit people do.

I get where you’re coming from and my bad, I didn’t pree it that deep but I do understand. NEEEEVER in my life am I trying to make shit easier for actual scum.


aaaand wtf I just typed his name and read what he did… jheeze. 3 fucking years?

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I know people who got more than that for growing weed

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Something else about Icke - he was afaik an athlete then he became a TV sports presenter, then it seems he got hit with a shocking number of spiritual experiences and stuff, so yeah he went a little off his rocker, but that’s happened to a lot of people and I can tell you, even with all my experiences and the fact I actively seek this shit out for as long as I can remember, that I have seen things that have pushed my sanity to the brink at times.

It’s also highly dislocating to have one model of how the world is, and what and who the bad guys are, then have that flipped on you and see things from a whole new point of view, and I totally understand why he’s stayed with “Reptilian = badness” for as long as he has, because getting deeper into the complexities of it could be psychologically dangerous.

Meanwhile a million eager little bootlickers post random videos of compression artefacts in videos and photos, “Gee whizz are these pixels proof s/he’s reptilian?!1!!” so they can discredit the idea there’s anything very wrong with some people on this planet.

Secondly, once he started teaching what he saw, he’s kind of stuck in a confirmation-bias groove himself, without meaning to deceive people, and also he has both the thoughtforms of the things he’s talking about to contend with, something he probably didn’t realise could happen, AND, most importantly, deception-based defences and attacks thrown at him by the very real problematic people (like Savile) he started digging into, which again for a guy without any background in magick would have been hard to perceive at the time.

That thing where he dressed in turquoise and acted nuts early on is a totally textbook case of someone getting into a current and lacking the experience to exercise discernment, and protect their own ego against the allures of becoming an archetype.


It’s surprising it can even be found, there was a big revelation by a leading British detective, that pedophila was the network that keeps the establishment running, the video got pulled from YouTube even while Elsagate shit stays up, and that wasn’t “muh conspiritards” - he was a serious guy and referring to real evidence.

The coverups on this are off the charts, and always, leading the obfuscation, there are those who try to frame is as “left versus right” or “Republican versus Democrat” issue to make people just ignore what’s being said, when in reality it’s them, against ALL of us, and by “us” I mean sane people, be we Muslim, Catholic, or satanists, of any political stripe or none, who think raping a kid for weeks then starving her to death to prolong her suffering is not really a suitable way to act.


zoinks I saw a mans eyes do that in my own front room, before I ever knew about reptilians or magick, fact is i’d never even took a psychedelic.

I knew these things about icke personally but it’s cool to hear your insights regarding…
Rah it’s mad, I remember when there was a thread up on here about elsagate and so on it’s mad, I literally don’t think I have anything to bring to the table here because we agree on the same points.

Sincerely wish more people understood this, mankind isn’t the enemy it’s evil fucking men


Didn’t expect my reply to grow into the bigger conversation but its a good thing, I hope someone can learn from these points. @Lady_Eva is very wise and yal can take a lesson in discernment if it wasn’t already there


and btw he was a shaolin monk smd if you think im gassing, i dont care