Strange candle flames/images

So I was just taking a cleansing bath, I’m only a few days into it. I’ve been hoping to cleanse any spiritual / mental/emotional blockages preventing me from growing.

I had two tea lights lit at the deeper end of my tub/ where my feet were. I was about to get out when I noticed the tea light to my left flickering fast.

My eyes focused on the light and the flame took the shape of a solid medieval shaped shield. Then it looked like there was an r inside of it.

The other flame, on the right was not as bright to start with, and was more square shaped. My eyes turned to it and at first all I saw was a bunch of squiggly lines/ odd shapes. Then I saw the imagine that made me think king.

The image was of a bearded/ mustached man with a small crown. The more I watched the bigger the crown got. I asked the flame for a sigil to identify what I was seeing, and the left flame changed. I saw a man sitting with a dog in its lap. Then I saw an m over and over. The right flame was nearly constant with only the imagine of a crowned man/ and occasionally the odd shaped symbols I could not place.

This was really odd to me, I’ve sat staring at candle flames for hours before and never thought I saw images before. I have no idea what it means!

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Scorpio perhaps? We just recently were in Scorpio.

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It’s possible, but it was just a thick m, it didn’t have the tail/ arrow to the right side

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Not really sure what to make of any of it other WOW! This was a cool experience.

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My candle flames gave been really powerful. Tall. Except for this one candle in a jar that has one wick but two flames. Any thoughts on that? It’s happened more than once.

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From what I understand the meaning varies by the type of work- there’s several guides Oip or theirs if you google candle flame divination that all give along the same lines of meanings based on the type of working.

Hmm three days in a row while taking baths I’ve seen the letter c followed by h followed by a followed by x. The last time was followed by z.

I tried googling chax and didn’t find anything at first but I did find on blackwitch covens (I think I’d have to go back and double check) a refrence to shax also being called chax and pronounced Chaz or shaz. Not sure why this demon would reach for me.

Certainly interested if anyone has some insight or ideas.

I’ve tried opening his sigil to ask but seems I get interrupted each time/ and my astral senses are still developing.