Strange callings

“In the first Shamanistic aeon, men recognized the animating spirit of living beings. It was often depicted as a Horned God, a man with antlers… The Horned God image gives an impression of the awesome and fearful nature of this type of power”

  • Peter J. Carroll, Psychonaut

“It is fitting that the witch’s guide back into the ‘wild side’ is often accompanied by animals, or, true to his luminal nature, he may appear in the form of these animals, usually black, such as hound, bull, goat or crows being amongst many of his chosen bestial forms.”

  • Gemma Gary, The Devil’s Dozen

So, as you may have guessed from the quotes, I think the Horned God of witches is trying to tell me something.

It’s funny. I have been drawn to Baphomet for as long as I’ve been in the occult (Baphomet was a very minor reason I converted to Satanism from irreligious atheism) and I bought Gary’s book on impulse. I guess it was to prepare me for the sign.

My mom and I were going to the grocery store. There was a huge ledge (not exactly a cliff but very steep natural hillside) near where we walked to get a cart. Suddenly it seemed time froze as I looked up. A beautiful black dog ran across the cliff. It seemed wolflike but it had elegant fur and frame like that of a Saluki. Pure black. I think it only lasted 5 seconds but it seemed more like 30. Actually I wasn’t sure if it was one dog or two. Sure felt like there was only one but my mind blanked. My mom didn’t see it.

I would normally be convinced it was just a tame dog but I didn’t see an owner go after it or come before. The time-stop thing also seems to be a clue.
The Old One wants a talk and I should do it soon.
(No rhyme intended, honestly)