Strange black liquid manifested? What is this

I know I’m being a wet blanket but that’s the wrong kind of reckless, IMO.

Like, if that person gets parasites and goes out and does a bunch of rape and murder, for example.

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It was an inside joke as I know Marilyn Nobody really is going to try that

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I say put it in a jar and try to program it for what you desire.


Cool, my comment was primarily for anyone reading who finds the same stuff, people do some fucked up things.

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Summoned Azazel. He said because of my request to another entity to relieve my negative feelings (I prayed for anxiety and major depression relief) it was the result of a rebirth. The entity is actually Santa Muerte, so that is my own… negativity. That is a hell of a lot and disgusting! Better scrub the fuck out of my walls. I did not know this could happen but definitely an interesting experience.

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Her mentions of the bricks of yourself having the goo in between makes sense. Maybe we all have this.

It looks like black candle wax, are you sure the planks weren’t part of your alter or used ritually?

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Definitely not wax, had an almost gooey consistency. I am definitely sure. Was yours like this as well? The texture being slightly goo?

And also it is freezing, it’s been 41 f here. I don’t know how it stayed gooey.

To me it does appear to be candle wax and yes after many rituals I have had candle wax drip and spill on alter sheets, covers and alter and sometimes my floor.

If it’s not from your candles it might be a sign that your ritual was a success.