Strange beings want me to arrest someone?

Hey, all.

For a couple of nights now I’ve had this strange encounter with spirits-or I think.

So for the first night, I felt like someone was experimenting on me, like trying to see what I would fall into if given pleasure.

I couldn’t see anything but I felt as I was looking at myself from a side point of view. Like my own consciousness was somehow looking at my body.

The pleasure I was given isn’t something I have been able to achieve. I’m quite lonely at work and get misunderstood. So trying to get a possible date isn’t possible, however, these beings tried to give me that feeling of dating.

I didn’t see it as bad but I realised that it’s quite unfair how they used it to test me. It felt like a test…

Then last night I had this super strange encounter.

Recently I haven’t been practising much as I feel like there’s a big roadblock stopping me from getting anywhere, so it made this encounter more interesting.

I was in this somewhat dreamy state but then these black shadow people came into my dream. It was first a voice but then multiple beings appeared.

Last night I heard a very strange voice in my head. I can’t remember what it said.

They kept saying “Arrest, Arrest, Arrest (Name)”

Maybe they were saying “Take a rest, take a rest,” but the first one seems right.

They had a menacing tone and the energy felt abnormal to what I’ve felt. I thought they were vampires or something of the sort, so I tried to call Odin to see if he could come. As he hasn’t appeared or even manifested while working with him some time ago I let go of the idea until the beings said he wouldn’t come and help.

I banished them but in a very mundane way, but they just faded out.

That’s it. I’m not sure why or if this is related to the first encounter but it seems like it.

I would like to hear your ideas :slight_smile:

Thanks, Spojiec.

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So my best suggestion is to do another banishment. If a spirit is saying “___ won’t come” it’s probably one that you shouldn’t be paying any mind to. Whatever it was being said, don’t bother sorting it out is my opinion because what good is going to come from you giving in to spirits–or creatures whether they be real or confined to dreams-- that are trying to make you afraid? None.

Banish. Cleanse. Move on.

(Also I’m confused about the whole pleasure and loneliness concept. Did you get off with spirits and I missed that? Is it that you’re wanting a sex partner and don’t have one and that’s the connection?)


You mentioned being in a dreamlike state so I am taking this to mean the hypnagogic state, either sleep paralysis or its precursor. I have heard a lot of odd things in this state, whether they seem to originate from external entities or from my own brain.

“Arrest” can be interpreted in the legal sense, but its other meanings include “to stop/halt” or in some cases “to engage”. So depending on the name you heard after hearing “arrest ____” you could interpret it a few different ways. Which I suppose depends on how you feel about the person whose name you heard. It doesn’t necessarily equate to a bad thing unless you happened to have an overwhelmingly bad feeling about it. You said it sounded menacing so I would be asking yourself how you feel about the person who was named.

With that said, personally if I ever experience anything I don’t like/want when in the hypnagogic state, I do the same thing and banish, if not physically then in my imagination or “astral temple”; doesn’t matter which as long as your intent is the same.

As with most things mental or magickal, “nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so”. Really the only one who can answer that question is you. Examine how you felt, what your intent was, and ask yourself what you think the relationship is between the two events. I’d encourage you to listen to your intuition here draw your own conclusions from the experience. Personal experiences are entirely subjective, which can make it very hard for other people to weigh in on, unless someone else reading this has had a similar experience under the same conditions, which usually is quite unlikely for anything that happens in the border-sleep/hypnagogic/sleep paralysis state. The two events may be related or they may not; your intuition and gut feeling is your best guide here.


The connection is that I just want a partner. Don’t need sex, I just need someone who can support me. I felt supported but in a sexual way.

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Wow that’s some great insight towards what happened. You’re right and over the next few days I’ll probably draw a conclusion. I wonder if anything might happen tonight.


The word arrest can also mean stop. Could the beings in your dream have simply been trying to say stop someone from taking advantage of you or something else in the context of arrest meaning stop as opposed to the whole cop and robber handcuff thing?

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I think this is what was happening.