Strange Azazel Experience!

A while ago after taking a bath i took my phone and looked at facebook about a video game character called queen of the dead and exactly as i opened it i got a like from a reply on an azazel video. There was this guy who said fuck azazel and i said

You have no idea what you’re talking about azazel is extremely powerful and is beyond worthy of your respect.

And now at 14 november i contacted lucifer

And the day after i see a new teammate had joined my guild called prophetazazel

And when i started my video game again the event queen of the dead was on again. I find this very strange cause im not super drawn to azazel

But i guess lucifer is trying to say something

And i dont understand this queen of the dead thing either and how it is connected with azazel!

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My first thought was of Hecate regarding the “Queen of the dead” message that you recieved.

Though your not drawn to Azazel, he may be whats best for you at the moment.

Those two work very well together.
For me they have both changed my life drastically.
Which I am very grateful.

I used to get alot of messages through games :slight_smile:
There’s only one way to find out, reach out to them and find out.

I;m going to say, if you’re not intuitively drawn to Azazel you can politelty decline to contact him and that’s fine I don’t feel that the Queen of the Dead thing is related to him, and may be a parallel contact.

It happens that multiple beings can reach out, it just means not is a great time to forge relationships and get moving one something. You won’t have time to work a full path with hem all, so use your discretion and choose wisely.

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