Strange actual results(kinda) for the first time?

Hi everyone.
I am happy to announce that maybe, finally something moved.
I changed approach with demons and tried a pathworking method, specifically the book Lucifer and the Hidden Demons.
I’ve done the pathoworking for Maggid, ruled by Asmodi, to bring me a precise amount of money.
Maggid is said to bring emergency source of money and/or to be gifted by people of something specifical.
I did not receive any money, my family actually lost it(a small amount, to cure our dog to the vet).
I was again lusting for results and losing hope, when all of a sudden my aunt showed up out of nowhere gifting me an expensive parfume.
Not what i asked for though…
But really? Just coincidence? What do you think?

By the way i was going to use the money to buy some clothes, and stuff, maybe some books.
I was also thinking about some eau de toilette, but not for this one(which i don’t like anyway)
Everyhing is confused.


I am of the philosophy that you have to be really specific when requesting something. I’ve had quite a few “requests” that have turned into something else rather than what I was really looking for.

My experience with needing more specificity is not only spirit-related, but also in working with spell jars. It’s always the particulars that mess up the whole spell! Lame.

When it comes to coincidences, my recent thoughts is that you’ll know if it truly is a coincidence. If you feel like it was the results of your work, then likely it was the result of your work.

Did you add this into your request? You may be able to ask for specific things as well instead of just money. You could also add this into the terms.

For example, instead of saying: “I need money” you could say “I need $200 to purchase clothing for work/school.”

I will say that it can take some work trying to tune your will, I don’t think I had a lot of “success” until after a fair bit of practice. You’ll get there! Just keep working at it.


My request was very straightforward: I need money to buy some stuff, get me 500€.

It didn’t happen though.
My family lost 75€ and i gained a 120€ parfume.
I’m not satisfied yet, not what i needed.

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That might mean more to you if you try wearing it even if you don’t initially like it. Try it and see. It might be the gift that keeps giving. The aroma might trigger a sense in you and those around you where you find yourself in a situation where what you want comes through.

That might be your lucky elixir and you don’t even know it until you try it on.

It was a gift given with love so if you reciprocate with gratitude and openness then you might find it makes things different around you enough to make a shift towards what you want.

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It’s important to become familiar with the demons and all of the various powers on offer. If you look in the section for Financial Situations, you will see a power to request money for a specific purpose. In the description of the power, it says that if you can name what you want and give an amount, the magick can work for you.

This power sounds like it’s what you are looking for in this situation because it doesn’t seem like it is all that time-sensitive. If you want new clothes, ask for that, but is it really an emergency? Will an opportunity fall away if you didn’t get the money on time? What’s more important - taking the risk but maybe getting it fast or putting in the request and letting it come when it comes, but feeling confident that it will come to you?

However, you still got a good result - a generous gift was bestowed upon you. It’s also important to acknowledge when the demon has given you a result. You asked for money/gifts, and that is what you got. Not only that, but it’s in-line with what you are wanting - fashion/style stuff. This is how this goes. You summoned a demon with the power to get you gifts, and then a bit later you received a special gift. That’s how it goes.

How long a financial result takes to manifest depends on many factors. If you can accept that it could be a long time, then it doesn’t matter and you can put in the request. In the meantime you could do things like summon Melabed, to work on increasing your income, so that you don’t have to go through all the trouble of summoning a demon for a 500 euro result - you can just use your normal income.

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