Strange ability


I have this strange ability that allows me to conjure up energy within myself, it feels like electricity and kinda like an orgasm any time i want. I can really amp it up if i am laying down to the point it can make my heart start to race. Any idea what this is? Any thoughts and opinions are welcome. Blessings.


It could be that your either have a gateway inside you that you can control or maybe you are one of the few that can bring themselves to orgasm on demand. Since orgasms can cause a huge burst of energy to surge.


Whenever you do this do you ever feel tingles on your spine or anywhere on your body?


Might be kundalini


You mean invocation or posession?


No, this is all me doing this.


Anywhere, but i can make it happen on my spine pretty strongly


An orgasm feels slightly different than this but it is similar, its more electrical, a powerful energy. Whats a gateway?


A gateway is basicly a nexus of energy.


Oh okay. No idea why i would have that in me


That sounds kinda similar to something I can do but also different.


The only guess i have is that i have the ability to channel my prana anywhere in my body and can amplify it. What use this actually has i do not know.


Maybe if you try to put all off your energy into it you could do a spell or ritual far stronger than what you would otherwise be able to do


Maybe. Ill have to give it a try. Thanks for the replies. Blessings.