Story time: Why self control is important


Hello there I normally don’t go personal but I figure in this case it will be useful for budding black magicians to know that self control is important, when you reach a certain pinnacle your thoughts and feelings really can cause accidents if you are not careful. I’ll illustrate with a story from my own experience.

What Transpired

A few summers a go I was living with my parents, they found out I practiced Magick, initially there was not harm done, they were skeptical but allowed me to pursue it. Then like always when I get really interested into something I only spent time meditating pursuing the. Black Magic course, horrified and wanted to retain control one of them took my things and threw them into a box making me swear I wouldn’t pursue this again.

Naturally like any black magician whose heart burns for their ascent, I said I would however I continued in secret, having memorized and journaling the rites, etc in that course in case that would happen.
I later found out this was a test from the spirit to not become to fixated by tools, that in fact I had reached a point where they are useful but not mandatory. One of Azazel’s as well as Lucifer’s test I was working with both spirits at the time Azazel more strongly.

I was angry with my family, however for one of them, the one who stepped over me again, I really felt a burning hatred for them at the time, this isn’t the first time they’d done things like this. Interestingly my desire for their demise came about a week or two after, they became very ill, the individual contracted a very rare illness where it’s basically none unless it was discovered in time will survive.
The individual would stop in the middle of actions catching her breath for no reasons, intense headaches even migraines, tiredness, swelling in the legs and arms, name a few symptoms. As well Insanely high blood pressure.

The spirits told me this was my doing and since it was a family member I was horrified, sure I was angry but I never wanted them to die. About a year later after combating the the illness they survived however the individual payed pretty dearly for their survival. And as I moved out I was given my things back.

The Point of the Story

As a black magician and god/goddess, you are omnipotent to a degree you barely even beginning to realize until something similar happens to you. Trust me when I say you’d do well to use a little self restraint and focus of your thoughts, otherwise who know what might happen to the things you actually care about.


Magick doesn’t follow any laws, it is for your use, and is to be used in your domain as you see fit. In case you have other opinions let me know.


Something similar happens with me although I know it’s Lucifer working on my behalf. My father and I have a bad relationship- I don’t even hate him, I feel nothing for him it’s that dead. But anytime I’m around him and he starts talking or thinking stupidly of me he ends up choking or with a migraine. If he’s at my apt my lights flicker. I’ve physically seen Lucifer raise his hand to him and the choking started. Another person posing as a friend who was trying to get me in bed he lifted his hand to also. This person is having heart surgery this month now and was otherwise healthy. And another time recently when he was angry with someone.


@AradiaX that’s pretty cool as well as pretty scary if this keeps happening, then I guess grounding as well as some meditation to help clear the head would be useful, it helps for me these days anyways. Nothing bad has happened to anyone after that particular incident. I’ve used a lot methods to keep my head clear. However if the person deserves your wrath then don’t have any qualms about it.
Plus I’ve read somewhere you are apparently a really powerful energy manipulator, which can really make powerful results in your environment and make for example lights and electronics behave in strange ways.

This is just speculation, if you feel as if the relationship is bad and it more or less feels dead, then perhaps your subconscious interprets his prescence as something harmful and might cause these effects as a result, kind of how white antibodies react to an infection.


I’ve had this happen too, where if I get angry, I cause a natural disaster or some form of tragedy.

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That’s pretty scary and extremely cool. What do you do to calm yourself when you get angry like that?

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Eh. People get hurt so not really.

I remain calm under pressure, in a way that doesn’t seem human. I just take deep breaths, I convert my personal energy and my anger into something better. I do shadow work to confront those emotions. I do a lot.

I should’ve worded it differently what I meant was that the effects that happen are cool, however naturally it sucks with people getting hurt.

How does one do shadow work really?

It’s on YouTube.

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I’ve had a similar experience with a family member. I felt as if I was being forced to clean up a mess that they made by basically sacrificing my own life and freedom to fix it. It was just assumed that I would give up everything and be a support system. Not because I am loyal and love my family and would do almost anything for them. But because my interests and pursuits were not valued.

Needless to say I was very upset by this, and the family member ended up with a severe case of pneumonia that almost killed them. It caused a massive amount of trauma do to the echoing effects. Though it remedied the situation I didn’t want to be thrust into, I never would have knowingly hurt a loved one like that.

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I gave my grandma cancer almost the same way :man_facepalming:t6:

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Where you angry at the time or what happened?

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I hear you. That must’ve been scary as well as a relief it didn’t get to crazy right? So what do you do to not accidentally snap?

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I’m slow to anger and quick to calm by nature. I really have to feel fucked over or wronged to get to that point. I isolate myself because I can’t truly relax and recharge if there are humans or clingy pets around me. Physical activity helps, I love to dance. Being in water or around nature seems to suck all the negatives right out of me. Meditation is great, but I have to calm down a bit for that. Trying at an anger scale of 8+ and it just ain’t gonna happen.

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I caused my siblings to die in a car “accident”. I had no alignment at the time and my siblings had been pushing my buttons that week then I screamed at them one day that i hated them…the next couple of days life seemed dull and then one day I got called by my parents telling me that their car “caught” fire and they died in the car.

We had a lot of very intense arguments,after some time she was diagnosed breast cancer

Im sorry to hear that😕

Back then I didnt know self control now I dont let anything get to me…mostly cause I cant afford it not again.

What do you do in case someone’s deserved your wrath?

Normally I try to let it go but if not then I let all of my wrath be unleashed upon them via spell or a pact with a spirit

Will add that to my training curriculum for sure.

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