Storms during blood rituals

Anyone else have experience with storms during rituals. Every time I’ve done a serious big ritual such as blood ritual sacrifices there’s always a storm brewing.

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Take it as a sign you’re fucking up? It’s generally not a good idea to do this as you can become victim to energy vampirism. Just my two cents

Frater Xavier has a video about that it means that you are conjuring great forces and a lot of energy is involved.


It happens with me. Mostly with Rituals involving Azazel. My initiation rite with Satan also was in the middle of a storm.

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Whaa lol

I wouldn’t that it has occurred every time I have done blood magic, but it has seemed to happen with almost every major or group ritual I have performed in. It can be another source of power to fuel the working with after the ritual is said and done, or the energy can be stored into an object to use in the next working.

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