Storm of black eye floaters after evocation / invocation

Greetings fellow denizens of the forum!

Quick question here: Anyone else experiencing some weird vision changes after doing evocation or invocation works?

As of lately, after few intense sessions, I get a surge of black eye floaters that do not resemble the usual eye floater. They muddle my vision for an instant and they seem like they are small letters. They appear from the laterals of my eyes and flow inwards.

Also, when looking at the sky, sometimes it is muddled by the same purplish-green colors anyone sees when closing their eyes at a light source.

I have no eye conditions besides slight miopia, and no blood pressure problems.

To avoid those “visions” I use some closing sign at the end of my ritual, so to get quick to normal consciousness, just like the hypnosis instructions: when you reach number five starting from one, you’ll return to normal reality, etc.

I’ve seen “bright spots” instead of those eye floaters

Thanks Mavors!