Stopping Annoying Cell Phone Use

Has anyone used magick to stop a cell phone user from burdening your ears with personal details on public transportation?

I don’t think there’s much you can do. Magic isn’t a fix all unfortunately and I doubt anybody here has mastered telekinesis.

I was able to stop a cell phone user once. I was riding on the bus and this cell phone user was getting into a lover’s quarrel that really should have been kept behind closed doors. The details that the caller was getting into was so graphic that you could tell by people’s face’s and body language that they were getting really uncomfortable – even angry.

A witch familiar with the dark arts told me that if people are feeling the same feelings, I could tap into those feelings like a power source. I decided to try it out. I visualized a link between me and the other bus passengers. I visualized the link being some what like wiring batteries together. However, instead of batteries, I visualized the angry bus passengers sending me their anger. As I completed the visualization, I could feel the anger build in me. As the anger built up in me, I focused my attention on the cell phone being used. As the anger continued to build, it felt like it was reaching a critical point, then came the release. For an instant I saw three huge bolts of red lightning arc from behind me, around me, flash across the bus, and attack the cell phone. The cell phone caller suddenly dropped the phone and stared at me. Even though I was at the far end of the bus behind a crowd of people, her eyes found me. As she stared, she looked directly at me completely shocked.

It was really odd. No one else on the bus noticed the red bolts of lightning other than myself and the cell phone user.

There is definitely a lot of power in anger. I don’t like getting that angry. It makes me feel like I’m about to loose control. I’m hoping that someone here might know of a spell to just turn off a cell phone or just jam it for an hour or so.

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