Stop saying "my ex". Why Your Words matter in Magick

I just realized why my magick is taking so long to manifest…

If you want them back, stop calling them your ex.
Call them by name, call them a nickname, call them “my loved one”, call them “an important person”, hell, even calling them “my friend” is safer than calling them “my ex”.

If you call them “your ex”, you are sending them away with your energy. It will complicate things. You want to call them something that implies that they are still in your life. You want to call them something that, if you referred to them as that in a sentence, people would assume you were in regular contact.

“Ex” is a word with very final-feeling energy. “Ex” = “gone”.


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It will do more than that. It will guarantee failure. Very good insight. Our choice of words is important. I think a good discussion can happen on the subject of why our choice of words matters without ever touching on whether getting an ex back is a good idea.


I’ll give a small hint. In NLP, we have the concept of reframing. To call something by a different name is to change the context and how we feel about something. Also, every word we speak has chains of associations that come into play whether we intend it or not. Those chains of meaning are the true meaning of correspondences


Exactly, some words are connected with negative emotions and places you in the position of been a victim. What you give out to the “universe” is that what you want actually makes you suffer. You cause a PTSD to your own self.


X as a symbol often means hazard, or no entry, so good point. :thinking:


It’s those organic chains of associations that affects our subconscious the most. These are the ones embedded in our culture that we are raised in. Occultists try to mimic this by having students memorize chains of correpondence. These are artificial and forced and don’t work nearly as well.


Oh I thought It means crossroads, eternity and the end of time, interesting. I guess culture also plays a huge role. (we associated it differently)

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I think the crossroads thing is a negative meaning for relationships, like “We reached a crossroads in our relationship and decided to split up.”

It also means kiss, but only when someone’s not there, like sending a card, SMS, or something.


Thats an interesting point! I would rather read it as we have the same “core” (love-> symbolized by the intersection ) but each move in our own direction (healthy relationship-> the lines).

Guess our cultural programming and perspective gives certain things power and takes it away from others. I only have this “positive” association because I have been meditating on a point for 3 months now (Regardie exercise) and recently started the line meditation.

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Why do your words matter in magick? Because you should want your words to adhere to the thing you want and not have them work in the opposite direction.

With lust for results, it’s a case of adhering to the condition of what is not wanted instead of being in the act of accepting or choosing the change you want, hence the lust or just the wrong choice of words keep the result from you.

Accepting and choosing well chosen words acts like the magnet to the thing wanted.


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