Stop reacting against Christianity

In my opinion it’s just kids that are rebelling for the sake of rebelling, and older people that try to stay cool in the eyes of those same kids.
Christianity is a very easy target to mock because their book even says to ‘turn the other cheek’.


People can practice the things that Christianity and Judaism, and Islam preach against, 1. Divination, 2. Witchcraft ( powers of the mind and soul ), 3. Sorcery ( at your own risk as the christian bible book of Revelations definition of sorcery = drugs. That could be dangerous in and of itself ). 4.Demonolatry, 5. Kundalini ( Fundamental Christians especially preach against the, saying “It’s the Devil”, 6. Yoga, of any kind, 7. Shamanism, 8. Voodoo, 9. Astrology, 10. Buddhism, 11. Hinduism, 12. Astral Travel, 13. Tantra. And, the list goes on. By practicing these things we are rejecting religion and it’s dogma, without attacking the religions themselves. We are just doing what they tell us ‘not’ to do, which itself is ‘‘Blasphemy’’ to these religious institutions.


Voodoo and Buddhism have their own dogmas tho, no?


True, it’s just that christians think buddhists and hindus are all wrong and “Damned to Hell”" as well.


Christian witches are a thing now, Christianity has underlying occult work in it. Many people have uses the Bible in their practice coupled with their faith.


Dear brother, think that I have Catholic parents (lay consecrated persons of a monastic community) who respect my choices and the altar dedicated to me by the Duchess Bune. The important thing is that there is mutual respect.


There is no dogma in Buddhism (and none that I’m aware of in Hinduism). You can be involved in any religion and still be Buddhist.

I have yet to hear of ANY godform attacking someone for not believing in them except for the “god” of the Old Testament, who had major insecurity issues. :slight_smile:

What kills me is the fact that people don’t question who this Yahweh character was. Local gods are not the same as Source.

It’s just the cliche bandwagon thing too do when you come here , similar if you make a twitter account and start posting black lives matter stuff without any authenticity

Read the forum and you’ll find a lot of “Yahweh has attacked me” or “I killed Yahweh/fought Yahweh” in which turned out to be the collective egregore or their own personal egregore of Yahweh. The Canaanite turned Judeo God Yahweh attacking because someone left a religion formed around him is unlikely compared to an egregore/thoughtform who actually needs the worship and faith to “live”.


It seems I was wrong about Buddhism after reading Kalama Sutta. :thinking:

Lol I wonder if the real one even cares about humans.You would know better.

It’s just apart of their subconscious

That’s what an egregore is, a form of thoughtform.

I assume like any God, he cares about some who actually seek to form a personal bond with him, but I honestly doubt he cares about people going “reeee xtian scum! im ex christian I hate it cause my parents made me” type people.


Reminds me of this pic


Perhaps, but maybe the destruction aspect is part of the path of deprogramming. Not that I advocate desecrating private property, but the psychological act of destroying in a way is cathartic after years of indoctrination.

It, most assuredly, is an immature way to process emotion.

This takes time. If someone is hung up on the aforementioned areas of the process, they are not prepared or open to more advanced magickal thinking. Nor are they anywhere close to understanding the self. The walk itself requires a bit of stoicism and maturity that they have yet to discover.

100%… agree… Atheists are some of the more annoying fundamentalists I have ever encountered.

Many of those who go from a Protestant background to an LHP background do so for the “reverse Christianity” aspect and are the most volatile in the mundane as well as the spiritual world. They lack an understanding of the balance that can take years of learning.

Or better yet… Christian Wiccans… oh lordy… talk about a disillusioned bunch.

My experience with Catholics is more like they treat it as a tradition, not an active belief system unlike many of the Protestants.

BAM! There it is.

Living in the Bible Belt, I deal with Xtians on the regular and most of those who are “close” to me know where I roughly stand in regards to spirituality. Got to know when to pick your battles.

Christianity is a tricky beast. As generations propagate, it creates new offshoots. A more Populistic model of thinking. In the late 90’s, seeing the loss of interest by the youth… a new breed of non-denominational churches popped up with rock music and smoke machines to capture their attention. I can throw a rock off my porch and hit 2 of these kinds of churches.

It adapts and has become whatever it is you want it to be. Its rather interesting to watch it unfold, especially if you are well versed in Christian dogma and the teachings of the New Testament in particular.

It may just keep diluting itself, but I don’t ever see it ending its presence.

To which I simply keep scrolling… right on by. I consider most of those closer to the attention seeker crowd…

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Meh. I live in the Bible belt. You can’t throw a rock without hitting the worst kind of Christian’s. When I go Super Satan (yes I just made a DBZ joke) it’s nothing to do with lashing out against Yaweh and more about how entertained I am by seeing these crackpots actually recoil or give me the stink eye.

Stop reacting against Christianity? You have to start somewhere, but I guess there’s always Judaism. :man_shrugging:

You could start here: build your own personal belief system based on the experiences you have in ritual or elsewhere. Study, research, and educate yourself on the system you’re most interested in. Challenge yourself to go deeper, and reach higher. No Christianity needed. :wink: