Stop reacting against Christianity

There is no need to keep doing inverse Black Masses, burning bibles, desecrating churches, etc. As long as you’re hooked on doing this, these things have power over you. Indifference is far more useful, and actually breaks the ties that bind you to these things.

However. I do understand there are many of you out there who have Christian programming to overcome. These activities will help you do that, but you have to eventually move beyond them. Giving so much attention to something you reject actually keeps it attached to you, and I’m assuming that’s not what you want.

Just something to consider. A Black Magician (or any magician, for that matter), but eventually create their own way. To do so, we need to state what it is we wish to create, and not focus on that which we don’t need.

I’d love to hear others’ takes on this. :slight_smile:


When someone says that something is “unholy”, that person is recognizing that something else is holy


Its sad to see many people who is trying to go away from JCI only to end up not stopping thinking about them.Its like the ex they can never forget about no matter how good the partner is.

Blasphemical acts only get you so far, but you gotta mind your own business afterwards.Again, these people only switch the names and you will see Lucifers name for worship (some doesn’t even recognize or won’t acknowledge) instead of Jesus.What really has changed? Nothing.Sad to see.

This Left - Right fights need to end.As human beings, we must use both of our hands.Using only one of them is just spiritual masturbation, since you only need one hand for that.


It’s quite true to a certain degree, I even find some atheists far more annoying then Xtians but there’s no need for JoS Maxine hatred upon it just live and let live and you can believe in your own bubble so can they.

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The results of that are different depending on if the person was Catholic or Protestant. I’ve seen that former Protestants turned to LHP are a little explosive, they used to see the Devil everywhere, now they see Jehova everywhere. Something similar happens to those who convert to wicca, they used to see the Devil everywhere, now they see negativity everywhere. As for former Catholics, Catholicism is a very lazy religion, it’s super easy to let it go, I received Catholic education and I don’t even remember it


I find a handful of LHP are just rebellious ex christians trying to overcome their deep rooted hatred for their christian upbringing by using the LHP to crap on the God of the christian faith who has no real say in what his followers have done.

However, they’re also dealing with an egregore form of this God that they collectively created to be how they projected outward.

I’ve never had much “negative” impressions on christians, sure their ideals are a bit “okay boomer” esque but I find a lot of LHP practitioners to be more annoying because they are no different from the faith theyre trying to get away from, they just changed out Yahweh and put Lucifer or Goetia in his place.

I personally left christianity of my own free will as a kid and on good terms, it wasn’t what I believed in and I walked away. I never was attacked by Yahweh or anything as some claim to have been. However, I later come to realize these attacks are most likely the work of their collective or own thoughtform version of Yahweh, an angry God who refuses to let people leave.

Hell Odin while he doesn’t like to lose devotees wont attack them if they find themselves on a path away from him lol.


Being from Sweden christianity is the default religion even thou most swedes dont go to church or anything but its the religion of the state and we have saved it more for Traditional reasons and that the foundation to the society is based in many ways on christian ideas.
Ska sunday school and being a kid that had questions about life and death and whats beyond i was easily convinced about the idea of heaven, hell and so on, when i started shun away the first thing i found at age 13-14 was wicca and along that i enterd my ”FUCK christianity” phase of life(;
As stated by OP i did realise after some time that i only keept having christianity keep influencing me by giving it all that focus and eventually i let it go, today i dont really mind it i simply realise its not for me but i dont judge ppl that follow it either i judge the person based on their actions not their faith.
But i still cant understand how christianity CSN make sense untill 3 days ago, i did stumble across dr. Bart Ehrman on youtube and after listening To some of hes lectures on changes done in gospels and the earlier thoughts on christianity i must say it males way more sense now, especially the talks abouth gnostic christianity with cainites and the gospel of Judas for example.

When I see Xtians proselytising in the street I go up and ask, ‘How much does Jesus love you?’ Then I place one foot in front of the other - both on tiptoes - stretch my arms fully horizontally, lower my head and say, ‘This much!’

I tell them that I believe in a god who sent himself, to sacrifice himself to himself, in order to save humanity - wait for it - from himself! Can’t get more god-centred or fucked up than that! Then I leave.


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Don’t lie, Uncle Al. You give them the Five Fold Kiss and then you leave :wink:


I think that Christianity’s time has past. Right now everyone seems real concerned about other things. Such as psychology, psychiatry, and political stuff we are not supposed to mention on the forum. You want real left hand path, do some anti-science anti-academia, cultural appropriation. The LHP is supposed to be a reaction against the dominant culture, and right now that is not Christianity. I hardly think the clergy even take it seriously anymore, it isn’t like most of them are trying to really live as Jesus taught.


The LHP is suppose to be a lot of things, but I don’t think cultural appropriation is something to push for lol.

So the LHP should be Christian? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I would five fold kiss some JWs that stand with their magazines in the street, they deserve some human contact

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I agree. By resisting something you have to first agree that it have enough power and presence to be worth resisting… which magickally, gives it more power.

Having said that, it’s also true that you can have energy you wish to remove from your life and being. Still, I think that making regular rituals incorporating elements of the hated religion, whatever it is, are not the best way to do that.

Case in point, the concept of wallowing in ‘sin’ of being a satanist, or replacing the ‘sin’ you think you have (which means you accept that judgemental crap) with a sin you choose … or whatever, dunno, not religious… is just stupid, imo.
Sin is NOT a real thing, it’s a psychological control mechanism from one very specific religion that doesn’t need to be built up and is not suited to being taken advantage of - you can’t get free of a cage by replacing the bars.
Acknowledge instead it’s intransigence and that it’s completely fake, realise it has nothing to do wit you, and let it go.

Don’t interact with an entity you don’t like. At all. Cause it to not exist in your universe.

Fucking THANK YOU.

I’m so tired of seeing these kids trying to act cool by being anti-Christian. It’s max-level cringe. In the end, they need to understand that the people they’re trying to impress don’t really care and just want to focus on their magick.


Don’t get me wrong - I’m enormously anti-JCI period, and for good reason. I take no issue with people that need to vent the bullshit and sometimes outright abuse those religions have brought them.

I just don’t think using a religions magick ‘backwards’ to try to subvert it makes sense.
All you’ll do, imo, is get the attention of and piss off the deity you’re trying to remove from your life. It’s counter productve.

Oh yeah lol. And ‘ungodly’ as a compliment … I’m like - you mean the xtian god right, fuuuuck off.


Also, when they say that they and what they do is “evil”, they are saying that Christians and what they do is good


There’s more to Satanism than being anti-Christian. Satanism has a whole philosophy to it. And focusing on the anti-Christian is something of a distraction.


Right. Some people eventually wake up and realize that they can choose and create. Others remain asleep and merely react to life.