Stop looking where you don't need to

Anyone have recommendations on who to use, My roommate is going through my personal belongings as well as spiritual items and space while I am gone. It’s very noticeable and I know when my roommate messes with my items because they are out in the open. Very frustrated and still continues to do after telling to stop and respect my space.

First talk to to them and tell them that’s not ok and they need to stop.

Then try a freeze spell.

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Yep make a candle of him and put him the freezer!

Bind them ASAP call Alloces

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Thank you, I will try that method this time

I actually never thought of using Alloces, I think I shall use him for the freezer spell. Thanks

I’ve talked so many times and they don’t listen, they just need to be taught a lesson. So I will do freeze spell

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