Stocks , commodities , forex , sporting events compared to lottery

For those interested in evoking enties to divine the lottery , why arent you doing this for stocks , commodities , forex and sporting events ?
I think it would be a better alternative .
For example you need about 53 success to break even in sport betting . If you had 57 % and bet $100 , you would be a millioniare in 15 years . At 60% it is a considerably shorter time frame . And for these types of things , I reccomend filters on selection choices to you get very very good . I think you would also want to filter out stocks where the company is losing money .


Mainly because I don’t really understand the stock trading system. I devote the bulk of my time to music, teaching, writing and performing. I’m very interested in the gambling and stock market systems. Where do I start. I’m also pretty skilled with evocation so I could easily use that. I just don’t know where to start betting or trading. Oh and I don’t have a shit ton of money to loose either. Thanks for the thread and any advice you can give.

I actually do this. I invest in growth stocks, and every one of them passed before my third eye and was approved by my Omniscient mind before being purchased. I’m not making a fortune off of it, but that wasn’t my goal. I am getting an above-average return on all stocks.

When I want to actually make a good amount of money fast, I’ll use divination and evocation combined to create new business enterprises, investing not in the abilities of other corporations, but in the abilities of MY corporations.


Now is a good time to invest as well. With many strong businesses not doing as well as normal you can purchase more for your money. When the business recovers you gain more. I did this for the last two years and raised my investments by 15k. These were all long term investments which are showing positive growth albeit slow. A divination to see what businesses will survive the current economic crisis coupled with ones intuition can have strong results.

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It should be said that divination for this sort of thing is a LOT more manageable when you have some options to choose from.

When you’re “cold reading,” just pulling random lotto numbers out of your ass, the chances of having that work well for you are pretty slim.

Instead, if you have a financial planner or investment coach select a number of stocks, and then you can refine the list down through divination, it’s simple, and effective.


Good point E.A. going in blind is definitely not the way to go, having an advisor is really the best option if one can afford it.

A good method for this is pendulum divination. Lay out your options in an arc shape and ask the pendulum which option will yield the highest return or which is the most stable option.

Wow, this is surpising! EA if you’re investing in growth stocks how do you find them in the first place? Do you use William O’neil’s method?

I have a trusted financial advisor give me suggestions based on my financial and life goals, as well as the historical and project returns on the stocks, and then I go through them with an open third eye and refine the choices.

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If you are interested in sports betting , go with these filters . Pass on NFL games where the line >= 7 , MLB where the line is >= 140 , NBA >= 7 . This will put less money at risk , and focuses on better bets , and eliminates some emotional bias .

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that’s a good methodology for growth stocks.
check out also Dan Zanger. He runs a service based on O’neill’s methodology on steroids and picks the best growth stocks, reducing the work.